Patient Education Digital Animations

The Digital Animation package with high quality 3-D animations and computer graphics are used to simplify medical concepts that complement the RelayClinical Patient Education text topics and illustrations.  Each 20-second to 2-minute digital animation is scientifically accurate and designed to educate patients, health professionals and general consumers. Visualizing medical concepts using animation provides a glimpse into long-term procedures, physiological changes, or internal anatomy using plain language that patients and consumers understand.

Animation features include: 1) Photo Realistic Texture Mapping - Provides lifelike tissue color and texture to our reality-based anatomical models. 2) Roll-Over Hot Spot Labeling - Enables "on the fly" labeling of structures and features in our Virtual Reality Environments. Call-up labels and text boxes give users a true interactive textbook at their fingertips. 3) Virtual Reality Panoramas - Offers 360° object rotation for unparalleled views of anatomical features. 4) Fly-Throughs - Travel through internal structures of the body to view anatomy, physiology, virtual surgery, fluid dynamics, etc.

Click on this link to access a comprehensive library of sample animations (log-in required) 

Atrial Fibrillation Animation7.63 MB