RelayHealth Patient Education Overview

Consumers today are taking a proactive approach to managing and assessing their healthcare needs. People are looking for trusted and proven healthcare information. Healthcare distributors and individual providers need consumer information they can trust. 

Providing information on over 5,000 health topics and more than 6,000 medication products, RelayClinical Patient Education's programs cover an extensive array of medical conditions and procedures in plain language. Pediatric, adult, women’s and senior health issues are addressed, as well as specialty areas such as behavioral health and sports medicine. Over 400 illustrations accompany the text and many topics are also available in Spanish.  

RelayHealth Patient Education content has been written and reviewed by physicians and nurses from leading health institutions in the United States. Topics are reviewed and updated regularly and new topics are added as new findings and treatments are accepted, ensuring complete, accurate, and up-to-date information.

To access the Heart Bypass Surgery examples, click on the below:

Heart Failure Multimedia Trailer
Heart Attack Animation
Heart Attack Illustration
Heart Attack Topic
Herniated Disk Animation
Herniated Disk Illustration
Herniated Disk Topic
A Patient's guide to Lower Back Pain