Patient Education Topics

RelayClincial Patient Education 

Providing information on over 5,000 health topics and more than 6,000 medication products, RelayClinical Patient Education's programs cover an extensive array of medical conditions and procedures in plain language. Pediatric, adult, women's and senior health issues are addressed, as well as speciality areas such as behavorial health and sports medicine. 

RelayClinical Patient Education topics have been written and reviewed by physicians and nurses from leading health institutions in the United States. Topics are reviewed and updated regularly and new topics are added as new findings and treatments are accepted, ensuring complete, accurate, and up-to-date information.  Many of the topics are available in Spanish.

Adult Advisor
The Adult Advisor Includes more than 2600 medical and surgical topics, covering a broad range of subjects to promote better understanding and compliance.  The Adult Advisor now includes topics related to Women's, Geriatric, Cardiology, Eye and Behavioral Health. 

Pediatric Advisor
Lists more than 1500 topics on newborn care, childhood illnesses, sports, behavioral problems and adolescent issues; includes a comprehensive resource list of books for adults and children covering a broad range of health, behavior and coping topics. 

Medication Advisor
Covers 5,000 brand and generic drug products, including over-the-counter products; provides essential information on purpose, proper use and possible side effects as well as food and drug-to-drug interactions

Acute Care Advisor
The RelayHealth Patient Education Acute Care Advisor contains scientifically accurate clinical information regarding common inpatient diagnoses, including revelant test, procedure and discharge topics as appropriate. Acute Care content is designed to educate patients and families receiving care in the inpatient setting. 

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