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How often do you visit your local dentist in St John’s Wood? If you do not visit your local dental practice at least twice a year then it may be something you would like to consider to ensure your teeth remain healthy and to maintain good oral hygiene.

Your dentist in St John’s Wood

Known to be an affluent district, St. John’s Wood lies in the City of Westminster. If you are a resident, you will know that there are a number of dental practices in the area which residents can visit in order to receive treatment for any dental issues they may be experiencing.

What dental treatments are available for me in St. John’s Wood

If you are in need of dental treatment and decide to visit your local dentist based in St Johns Wood, then you can expect your dentist to provide a number of dental services. This includes treatments under general and cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic treatment, dental services for kids and emergency dentistry when needed. Dental practices in the area of St John’s Wood also offers treatment for patients who are interested in facial aesthetic treatment including chemical peels and injectable dermal fillers. Another popular service which is available for patients based in this area is dental implants in St John’s Wood

What are dental implants?

dental implants

Dental implants are for individuals who are missing a tooth due to circumstances like an injury, poor health or from age. Dental implants help to restore a patient’s smile by replacing the tooth which has been lost by creating an artificial tooth and fixing it onto a metal post which is placed into the jaw bone of a patient.

However, before this, a patient is required to have an initial consultation with their dentist to ensure that they are suitable for the treatment. This is because in order to receive dental implants in St John’s Wood your oral health should be good overall and you should also have enough bone in order to support the metal post. If a patient does not have enough bone for the dental implant treatment, sometimes a bone regeneration procedure can be carried out before starting the tooth replacement treatment. This procedure will help to restore bone in the area where there is a missing tooth.

At the consultation with the dentist, x rays will be taken which will allow them to assess what time of dental implant will be most suitable and to collate specific measurements for the treatment.

The following appointment is when the dentist will carry out the procedure to insert the implant post into the jaw bone. Carried out under local anaesthetic, the dentist will create a small incision in the jaw bone before inserting the post which will support the artificial tooth or teeth. Once this has been done, the area will be closed temporarily, and then this cover is removed after about ten days. After this, the site will be left to heal for about four to six months, this is all dependent on the individual so that the post is able to fuse with the jaw bone.

When a patient is invited back after this time, the dentist will assess the site to ensure that the post is sturdy enough to support the artificial tooth. An abutment is first placed into the implant post and an impression is also taken to create the permanent tooth which is then permanently screwed onto the post at the patients’ final appointment.

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