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  • Establish a routine to help your loved one maintain a sense of structure and control.
  • You need to practice communication that is slow, clear, simple, and empathetic with your loved one.
  • Keep them engaged by playing board games, going outdoors, having meaningful conversations, and doing art activities.
  • Create a safe environment in the home, or consider putting them in a dementia residential care home.
  • Take care of yourself to give you the energy and resilience to care for your loved one.

When your loved one is diagnosed with dementia, a feeling of anxiety and fear tends to seep into the family. Dementia affects the memory, thinking, and behavior of your loved one, making them vulnerable and dependent.

It becomes a daunting task to take care of them by yourself. But, with the right approach, dedication, and patience, you can provide your loved one with the support they need during this difficult phase. In this blog, you will learn essential tips to help you care for your loved one with dementia.

Establish a Routine

For someone dealing with dementia, a routine can help them maintain a sense of structure and control in their lives. Establish a routine that includes everyday activities like meals, exercise, bathing, and sleeping. Make sure to stick to the routine as much as possible, and if there is a requirement to change things up, introduce changes slowly so that your loved one feels safe and secure.

Practice Communication

Communication plays an important role when interacting with someone with dementia. Make sure to speak slowly, clearly, and patiently. Use simple language and try to avoid confusing phrases or terminology.

Pay attention to cues that help you understand your loved one better, like body language or changes in tone. Always show empathy and compassion, and keep reassuring your loved one that they’re safe and loved.

Keep Them Engaged


Dementia patients tend to isolate themselves from society and lose interest in activities they once found joyful. Find ways to keep your loved one engaged and active while making sure they don’t get overwhelmed. Here are a few examples you should try out:

Play board games

Board games are a great source of entertainment. You can play them with your loved one or invite family and friends to join in for some extra fun.

Go outdoors

Going out for a walk, visiting parks, gardens, or even the local church is an excellent way to keep your loved one engaged. It also helps them maintain contact with their community.

Have meaningful conversations

Having meaningful and deep conversations can be an excellent way to engage with a person with dementia. Talk about things they liked in the past or their most cherished memories. This will help them feel connected and appreciated.

Do art activities

Doing art activities with your loved ones is a great way to keep them engaged. It can help improve their creative thinking and will also provide an avenue for self-expression.

By trying out these engaging activities, you can provide the care your loved one needs during this difficult time.

Create a Safe Environment


Creating a safe and comfortable environment is crucial when caring for a loved one with dementia. Try to make their living space clutter-free and easy to navigate. Remove throw rugs, ensure they have nightlights, and arrange furniture in a way that provides stability while walking. Make sure their home is safe from sharp objects or anything which could be hazardous.

But if you’re unable to create a suitable environment for your loved one for whatever reason, you should consider putting them in a dementia residential care home. Here, professionals are trained to provide the best possible care and support for those with dementia in a suitable environment. Just make sure you choose a reliable, quality care home, such as the ones under the Charing Healthcare┬ánetwork of care homes. This will ensure that they provide the highest quality of care for seniors from different backgrounds facing a variety of personal challenges.

Take Care of Yourself

Caring for someone with dementia can be burdensome and emotionally draining. It is essential to take care of yourself and take some time off for self-care. Connect with a support group, take a break when needed, and engage in activities that give you joy. When you’re taking care of yourself, you give yourself the energy and resilience to care for your loved one.

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be complicated and overwhelming. But, taking the right approach, creating an appropriate environment, keeping them engaged through meaningful activities, communicating effectively, and practicing self-care while caring for your loved one will make it much easier to provide support during this challenging phase. With these tips in mind, you should feel more prepared to care for your loved one with dementia in the best way possible.

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