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As human beings, we are susceptible to all kinds of diseases. However, some diseases target those parts of the senior population more than others. This can be problematic for families who wish to protect them from such illnesses.

Aging comes with many disadvantages. One of these disadvantages comes in the form of mobility issues. After many years of using our limbs, there comes a certain point in our lives when they become worn down. Many seniors experience this, but many more experience it to a much greater degree.

Arthritis and Osteoporosis

One of the most common diseases that seniors have is their mobility. Both arthritis and osteoporosis are common among those aged 65 and older. Both of them have been known to be problematic to this population.

Arthritis is considered the first in line when it comes to illnesses that are common among the elderly. It’s estimated that it affects about half of the elderly population in the US, with some experiencing severe forms of arthritis. Moreover, the mobility issues that come with this disease usually lead to poorer quality of life and general daily pain among those who have it.

A more severe form of arthritis is osteoporosis. This is much deadlier than arthritis, and it’s also more debilitating. It’s estimated that over 50 million seniors are at risk of osteoporosis, and about half of these people are at risk of being unable to move completely. Additionally, falls are twice deadly among the elderly with osteoporosis, making it a serious concern among the given population.

There is one thing that is left undiscussed when it comes to these two diseases, and that is their lifestyle implications. The elderly with these diseases are more likely to develop other illnesses because of their inability to stay active and exercise. Experts believe that this is the main reason why these two diseases can be deadly among seniors.


The US is a country filled with people that have diabetes. It’s a significant health risk that affects 25% of the aging population and one that claims more than 50,000 lives yearly.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, but such a disease seems inevitable in the US. With fast-food chains in every corner, and sweets widely available to anyone, it appears that fighting against diabetes is a losing battle. It’s also a gradual disease, which means it can develop at an early age and become severe when they reach a much older age.

Preventing diabetes means doing it at an early age. You can avoid diabetes once you’ve become a senior by doing this.

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Obesity is increasing in the US, and this number is affecting the aging population. It’s related to all sorts of other diseases. It can be fatal once the elderly with obesity gathers one or two of these related diseases.

Aging women are more susceptible to obesity than men. This is because of their inactivity once they’ve reached an older age. Additionally, those with arthritis and osteoporosis are also likely to develop obesity due to their inability to be active.

Obesity is related to deadly diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, making it a prime concern for health professionals. Preventing obesity among the elderly can mean saving them from all sorts of other diseases.


Lastly is depression or major depressive disorder. Mental illnesses are pretty common among older adults, but nothing is as common as depression. More than 20% of the aging population have this illness, and millions more are left undiagnosed. The problem with depression is that it attacks a person’s will to live. So if your elder gets such a mental illness, expect all other illnesses to come to them as well.

Helping seniors that have this disease can be pretty challenging. But that’s why they must get the professional help they need to ensure that they are treated properly.

Get Professional Help

Various health centers can give your seniors the healthcare they need to combat these diseases. Health centers such as Spectrum Community Health Inc. even provide specialized care for the elderly with rare diseases. Remember, you don’t have to handle this alone. Getting professional help can give you the breathing room you need to assess your situation.

Prevention vs. Cure

Additionally, most of the diseases on this list don’t cure. So prevention is so much better than waiting for a cure to be developed. Experts urge many adults to keep watch of their diet and lifestyle to ensure that they don’t get these diseases later on in life.

Common diseases among the aging population can be deadly and can come together. But if you keep an eye out for yourself and your loved ones and get the professional help you need, you can avoid these diseases altogether.

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