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Many people prefer using complementary therapies to keep them healthy and fit. They consider these therapies useful since it allows them to recover from illnesses faster compared to conventional treatments. Some people even feel relief from stress when they go through these treatments.

Studies have shown that some of these complementary therapies offer some health benefits. But they remain inconclusive and further research is required to know more about the advantages offered by these treatments. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, many people still believe in complementary therapies since they experience positive changes after going through them.

Here are some reasons why a lot of people prefer complementary or alternative therapies to conventional therapies in keeping themselves healthy and fit.

To Feel Better

Some people go through complementary therapies so they can feel better. For instance, people who suffer from chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) may go through common cancer therapies, such as radiation and targeted medication, to deal with the disease. But they also manage the disease through complementary therapies, like acupuncture and yoga.

While these therapies cannot substitute the treatments for cancer, they can help ease the side effects of these treatments. They allow the person to feel better after going through the treatment. Slow movements and deep breathing in yoga can enhance their mood and reduce the stress they feel due to the disease.

On the other hand, acupuncture can help ease the side effects due to chemotherapy, including nausea, numbness on the hands and feet, and sleepiness. People may even go through reflexology, which incorporates acupuncture elements into a massage.

Relieve Stress

Aside from feeling better, people also use complementary therapies for reducing anxiety and stress. For instance, the breathing and meditation exercises in yoga can help calm the mind of a person and reduce stress. It also allows people to enhance their physical abilities and help them live life to the fullest. Complementary treatments also regulate stress hormones and reduce insomnia.

Aside from yoga, people can also look for a reliable provider of osteopath services. These professionals can help them relax and reduce muscle tension. They also help people who are experiencing discomfort and pain due to the structure and function of their bodies. The services that these professionals provide can also reduce stress and enhance mood and mental health.

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Boost the Immune System

Some people also use complementary therapies to enhance their immune systems. While research shows that lower stress levels can help improve the immune system, it remains uncertain if these therapies have a direct effect on boosting the immune system of a person. It also remains to be seen of these therapies can help people fight against the effects of viruses, particularly the one that caused the current pandemic.

So, further studies are necessary to check how these treatments can help people enhance their immunity against viruses that have emerged recently.

Reduce Side Effects

People also use complementary therapies to manage symptoms of some types of cancer. They also use these therapies to reduce the side effects of the treatments they go through to deal with their cancer. The therapies also allow them to improve their recovery from the disease. Additionally, these complementary therapies help enhance their emotional and physical well-being.

The types of complementary therapies that these people go through include acupuncture, meditation, yoga, massage, and proper nutrition. Each of these therapies offers other benefits for people who have cancer aside from a reduction in the side effects of cancer treatment. They also help relieve pain, reduce fatigue, regulate stress, and improve immune function.

Additionally, some of the treatments can help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. They can also improve the quality of life of some people and allow them to have a better mood. Some of them also allow people to sleep better and deal with nausea.

Natural Therapy

Some people also turn to these complementary therapies since they consider it as a natural way of helping them with their ailments. It also allows them to treat symptoms without any side effects since they are non-toxic. But it is still uncertain how some conventional cancer treatments can affect complementary therapies, So, people should consult their doctors before they go through these therapies.

Be in Control

When people go through complementary therapies, they feel they are in control of their treatments. Even as they follow their doctor’s recommendations, these therapies allow them to have an active role when they go through their treatments. It also allows them to manage their recovery while working with their doctor.

While many people rely on conventional methods in treating diseases, they also prefer going through complementary therapies to help them recover from the side effects caused by these treatments. Additionally, these therapies help them feel good about themselves.

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