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It would be interesting to hear what our ancestors would make of our dental surgeries, equipment and techniques today. We are in the business of providing our patients with solutions to their dental problems while being mindful to respect their mental health. For decades it was the dentist’s job to fill decaying teeth and remove those that were too far gone. That was fine for the era but the world has become a very different place and patient expectations have changed. As a progressive dentist in St John’s wood, we have recognised this and have adapted to provide you with the dental care that meets your expectations. Our philosophy is to try and provide dental care that will exceed your expectations.

Keeping pace with progress

Technology and dental science are evolving at a rapid pace with new products, equipment and techniques being introduced regularly. All our staff attend regular training and seminars so that we can maintain our standards at all levels throughout the surgery.

Preventive care starts early

From a dentist’s point of view, it is gratifying to see that parents are now far more conscious not only of their own oral hygiene but of their children’s as well. Preventive dentistry really starts with your children and as they grow their early introduction to our dental surgery will benefit them. We encourage parents to bring their children with them when they have an appointment. Our staff, many of whom have their own children, will take care of your child while you are being treated. This allows your child to become familiar with our friendly, caring staff and to regard our surgery as a place that is comfortable and relaxing. By taking this approach your children will invest in the education that we provide and their teeth will serve them well throughout their lives.

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Patients demands are evolving

Our exposure to the latest technology like personal computers and more lately the smartphone has meant that we have different dental expectations. When cameras first appeared on smartphones it was a novelty and everyone became an amateur photographer but now it has become more personal. Being able to take selfies to send to friends and family around the world has become normal. Patients now want their teeth to be white and perfect and this has resulted in home teeth whitening kits. As a dentist, we would prefer to perform this procedure in our surgery so that we can ensure that the right solution is being applied correctly. It is possible to cause burns to the gums if the procedure is not done correctly or the solution is too harsh. Teeth straightening has also become a familiar request and the dental industry has responded with targeted treatment options. We are now able to offer you a variety of braces and aligners for specific dental conditions.

Your satisfaction is our reward

It is extremely rewarding to see a patient who arrives suffering or with a condition that is affecting their confidence and to see that same patient leave after treatment with a broad smile on their face.

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