Dentistry in the 21st century is a vocation that requires dedication, passion, understanding and a clear vision of direction. Patient focus quite simply means that a patient should receive the same kind of treatment that a dentist would expect for themselves. The modern dentist  Liverpool strives to achieve all these ambitions by listening to patients’ concerns and requests. Often a simple comment from a patient can lead to the idea of adding a service, even a non-dental one such as facial aesthetics treatment.

Education: a vital part of preventive dentistry

Developing a sound and positive relationship between patient and dentist is now considered to be key in being able to discuss a patient’s condition candidly. It’s far easier to be honest with someone if there is a level of trust and a good relationship. Not everyone conducts their oral hygiene routine efficiently and effectively. Old bad habits sometimes creep in, and the results can be devastating to the patient’s teeth. Accepting that dental hygiene has been lacking is not always easy, and a good dentist-patient relationship can go a long way in overcoming such obstacles. Brushing and flossing techniques are extremely important, but so is the use of the correct toothbrush. We are not all the same, and, therefore, we need to establish which toothbrush best suits our teeth and gums.

Starting young is essential

Teeth are a vital part of our bodily equipment that will keep us fit and healthy. If we don’t have the ability to chew our food properly, we will start to develop other medical problems. It is recommended that children should be brought into the dental surgery by their parents when they have an appointment; this allows the child to become familiar with the surgery’s environment and staff. Over time, the child will feel comfortable in the surgery, and when it is their time to have an appointment, they will experience little to no anxiety. Any dental or jaw misalignments must be detected early because they are easier to correct when treated sooner rather than later.

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Facial expressions are our window to the world

When we smile, we display our teeth, and because dentistry has made such amazing advances over the decades, there is no reason to feel self-conscious when smiling. Technology and dental science have provided dentists with a wide range of appliances to help correct almost any dental deficiency. From the simplest treatments of teeth whitening to more complex dental implants, dental techniques have made dentistry an artform; matching the colour and shape of teeth when making crowns is a skill developed over time.

Regular visits make for fewer serious dental problems

Those six-monthly dental visits are the key to maintaining a healthy oral cavity and preserving our teeth for the duration of our lifetime. Our mouths are responsible for many things: showing joy or sorrow, that first kiss and the portal through which we nourish ourselves. Therefore, we should take care of our teeth and gums with the same level of care we give to the rest of our bodies. Seeing the dentist twice a year for a checkup and clean will be the best investment that we can make!

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