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They say your teeth are like your fingerprints — each one is unique! Your smile is part of who you are and is one of the first things people notice about you. So, it’s no wonder that gaps in your teeth can affect your self-esteem and make you feel less confident.

According to reports, the average American loses about 12 teeth by the age of 50. Some lose a tooth or two due to an injury, while others may have teeth that fall out due to decay or gum disease. For whatever reason, losing a tooth (or multiple teeth) can significantly impact your life.

When you have missing teeth, you can feel conscious about your smile and how you talk. Missing teeth can also affect your ability to eat certain foods and speak clearly. Luckily, many tooth replacement options now exist to help you fill those gaps.

Options When Replacing Missing Teeth

There are several ways to replace missing teeth, and the best option for you will depend on several factors. Some factors you and your dentist will have to consider are:

  • The number of teeth you’re replacing
  • The location of the missing tooth (or teeth)
  • Your budget
  • Your preference
  • The state of your oral health

Some of the most popular tooth replacement options are the following:

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a false tooth (or teeth) suspended between two supporting crowns. Your dentist will place crowns on the teeth adjacent to the gap left by the missing tooth (or teeth). Bridges are usually made of porcelain or ceramic, which makes them look like natural teeth.

Dental Implants

An implant is a replacement for the root portion of your missing tooth. The implant is placed in your jawbone and allowed to fuse with the bone over time. Once the fusion process is complete, your dentist can place a false tooth (or teeth) on top of the implant.


Dentures are probably the most well-known tooth replacement option. These are false teeth held in place by suction or a dental adhesive. Patients can have partial dentures or complete dentures, depending on the number of teeth missing.

When choosing a tooth replacement option, consult with your dentist. They will be able to assess your individual situation and help you choose the best option for you.

full set of dentures

Let’s say that after a bit of research, you found that you want a dental implant. This is because you wish natural-looking teeth that allow you to enjoy your favorite food, be sure to check with your dentist if they have placed implants before. If not, it would be best to find another dental clinic where licensed dentists already lots of experience have placing implants. It helps if you can book an appointment online to go about your day and come on the scheduled date to finally restore your smile.

Four of the Best Reasons To Replace Your Missing Teeth

Some people have second thoughts about replacing their natural teeth because they think it’s too expensive or the process is too complicated. However, there are actually many good reasons to replace your missing teeth, and we’ve listed four of the best ones below:

1. Boost Your Self-Esteem

Missing teeth, especially in the front of your mouth, can make you self-conscious about your smile. This can lead to a lack of confidence and may make you want to avoid social situations. You can end up feeling like people are staring at your teeth whenever you talk or laugh.

A study shows that people often see teeth as human ornament. When you have missing teeth, it can make you look older than you are and may even give people the impression that you’re not taking care of yourself.

2. Improve Your Oral Health

When you have missing teeth, it can be challenging to brush and floss properly. This can increase the risk of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems. Having such issues can be a struggle since it can be painful and may require extensive (and expensive) dental treatment.

3. Be Able To Eat Your Favorite Foods

Missing teeth can make it hard to eat the foods you love. You may have to avoid crunchy or chewy foods because they’re too difficult to chew. This can make mealtime unenjoyable and can even lead to weight loss.

Filling the gaps will enable you to enjoy all of your favorite foods again without having to worry about pain or difficulty chewing. This will make mealtime much more enjoyable and help you maintain a healthy weight.

4. Prevent Further Tooth Loss

When you have missing teeth, the surrounding teeth can begin to shift. This can lead to further tooth loss and may even affect your bite. Replacing your missing teeth will help keep the rest of your teeth in place and prevent other tooth loss.

Other issues you may face if you put tooth replacement aside include:

  • feel pain in your jaw
  • speech could become slurred
  • be at a greater risk for gum disease and tooth decay
  • teeth could shift out of place, which can affect your bite

You may not be bothered by the gap in your teeth. However, knowing the possible things that can happen to long-term tooth loss should give you a better idea of why tooth replacement is important. This list can help you realize the benefits of replacing your missing teeth and some of your options.

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