One of the most common oral health conditions among people living in Australia is that of misaligned teeth. This can prove uncomfortable to live with and cause a patient to develop other oral health complications. It is well known that there is a strong link between living with misaligned teeth and common oral health and hygiene issues. Many patients who live with crooked or protruding teeth also find that they suffer from situations such as plaque build-up, tooth decay or possibly serious gum disease due to their teeth not being in their optimal alignment.

Many of these adults may have been offered straightening or alignment treatment earlier in their lives, normally around the age of twelve or thirteen, but made the choice not to engage with treatment. Unfortunately this would be at a stage of their lives when they were feeling sensitive about their appearance and may have made them feel that traditional tooth alignment treatment would only enhance a negative self-image.

In many cases the patient who shied away from tooth alignment treatment earlier in life will go on to regret their decision later in life. They may go on to conclude that the time for them to receive straighter teeth has passed them by, which may not necessarily be the case.

In more recent years there has been a recognition of the need to develop a tooth alignment device that is suitable for the treatment of adults who are living with misaligned teeth. This has led to the creation of an alignment treatment that is both discreet and can deliver great results for the patient. This treatment is known as Invisalign Sydney.

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Improving oral hygiene standards

The main reason that many patients living with misaligned or crooked teeth find that they are also living with poor oral hygiene standards, is the fact that they find their teeth difficult to clean fully when using a toothbrush and paste. This can cause them to feel frustrated by the oral health standards they have, as they find that they suffer from a prevalence of common oral health issues, leading them to spend more time visiting the dental practice to receive treatment.

Undergoing alignment treatment with Invisalign can help a patient avoid common dental problems, as they will find that their teeth will become much easier to move around with a toothbrush. This will allow them to clean their teeth thoroughly and should help to heighten the standards of oral hygiene they enjoy.

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Hiding in plain sight

One of the reasons that patients are engaging with this type of tooth alignment treatment is the fact it can appear to be practically invisible in a patient’s mouth when worn. This makes it hard for others around the patients to see that they are undergoing treatment to straighten their teeth. This allows patients to receive the treatment that they feel they need while continuing to be confident when living their daily lives, at all times knowing they are heading towards the results that they desire.

Invisalign represents a giant leap forward in the field of tooth alignment treatment that targets adult teeth; patients who live with misaligned teeth should feel encouraged to consider this treatment.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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