There are many jobs out there that have good pay without putting you under too much mental stress. But, the catch is that you need steady hands to do the work. The jobs we are talking about here are in line with operating heavy machinery and delicate instruments. One particular job opportunity you might want to grab is in the beauty and aesthetics industry — to be specific, a career in micropigmentation.

In this line of work, you will be using delicate instruments to insert pigments onto a person’s scalp to hide bald spots. Much like a tattoo artist who needs steady hands to avoid making mistakes, you also need a steady pair if you want to build a thriving career in the industry as a micropigmentation specialist. So, aside from undergoing micropigmentation training, as well as having the right tools and supplies, make sure that you do the following exercises to keep your hands steady and ready for the work.

Hand strengthening

Sometimes, hands become shaky because the muscles are not strong enough to handle a heavy object. If you have shaky hands, what you can do is to get a rubber ball that is about the size of your palm. Squeeze the ball for about 10 seconds and release. Repeat this process for each hand for about 10 reps. If your hands feel pain, then stop this exercise. Otherwise, finish the 10 reps to properly work out your hand muscles.

Hand stretching

a man with open hands

After you have exercised your hands, you should stretch them out to soothe the muscles and relieve some stiffness. When you work with your hands regularly and for long periods of time, your hand muscles will feel sore and exhausted. That is why they need to be stretched.

What you should do is to pull your fingers one by one towards the back of your palm. Pull them as far as you are comfortable. Stop right away if your finger is already feeling some pain. You can also perform wrist exercises to relieve the stiffness. Rotate your wrists clockwise while counting up to 10. After that, rotate your wrists counter-clockwise.

Breathing exercises

Hand tremors can also be caused by nerves, especially when you are working on something delicate like inserting pigments onto a person’s scalp. They can also be caused by exhaustion or stress. But, the remedy for these three things is to simply practice deep-breathing exercises.

Sit or lie down and then, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. You do not have to count when you are breathing, but make sure that when you inhale, you really try to get as much air into your lungs as possible. And when you exhale, try to push out all the air.

Steady hands are a requirement for some jobs, such as a micropigmentation specialist. But do not worry because even if you have shaky hands, you will still be able to tame them as long as you undergo proper training and practice these exercises.

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