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The majority of coaches, professional athletes, and even sports medical experts share a unanimous view when it comes to the benefits of body massage. The advantages of good body massage include neurological excitability, reduced muscle pressure, improved blood flow.

Therapeutic massage even facilitates the fast healing of musculoskeletal injuries detected through private ultrasound scans without a referral. A good massage after a long day also helps improve your mood. Overall, having a good therapeutic massage brings improved well-being.

Introduction of Massage Guns

The advancement of sports and fitness technology has brought a mechanized approach to therapeutic massage. One of the easily accessible alternatives to the traditional massage is a massage gun. This innovative device has increasingly become popular among athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Massage guns provide ease to your tired body and sore muscles. Since it was made available for public use, a lot of people, even those who are not into sports, have purchased, used, and were satisfied with their massage guns. The market estimated that the industry will value at $561.37 million in the coming years from $242.63 million in 2018.

How Does a Massage Gun Work

Unlike the traditional massage you might have experienced before, a massage gun offers a rapid burst of pressure directed towards your muscle tissues. The device uses vibration or percussive approach instead of light strikes from the hands or wrists coming from a master masseur. Hence, such a device is also known in the market as a percussive therapy massage gun.

As compared to myofascial massaging tools, such as massage roller stick, spiky massage balls, and trigger point wand, a therapy massage gun can easily hyper-target a specific portion of your body that requires immediate muscular relief. What separates a massage gun from the other self-myofascial release tools is that massage guns deliver automatic and streamlined solutions to users. `

Having your own massage gun at home or inside your gym locker is like having a massage and vibration therapy at your immediate disposal. A massage gun has been regarded as one of the effective methods of treating Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) because of the mechanical oscillatory motion that the device produces.


Benefits of Massage Gun

Apart from dealing with DOMS, a massage gun offers other different benefits to your body. To name a few, here are some commonly experienced effects of massage gun use:

Injury Prevention and Recovery

One of the known benefits of the use of a massage gun is the improvement of the muscle contraction that leads to the strengthening of muscle tissues. Fluids and tensions that have accumulated during the intense workout or practice may be easily released with the help of a massage gun.

The therapeutic benefit of the proper use of the massage gun helps shorten the muscle recovery and prevent overtraining because of the sedating effect that most users experience.

Pain Relief

Massage guns are also useful for pain relief. The percussive therapy helps improve lymph and blood circulation, which in turn improves nutrients and oxygen production.

As a result of increased production of oxygen and other known nutrients, users can experience speedy recovery, muscle pain relief, and improved range of motion. Massage guns are effective in relieving pain felt on the neck, lower back, and shoulder due to the advanced percussive technology of the said device. ;

Injury Rehabilitation

Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur, you are prone to injuries. When it comes to rehabilitation, one of the commonly suggested approaches would include a massage. Since ancient times, therapeutic massage has been known to help injury rehabilitation. Thus, it is being included in most injury rehabilitation programs.

With the help of a massage gun, your standard injury rehabilitation program is being supplemented or may even be innovated by the use of the said device. The atrophied muscle caused by trauma may heal faster due to improved circulation caused by the vibrational healing effect of a massage gun.

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