Most people have heard of audiologists, but that is about as far as our knowledge goes for most folks. These medical professionals are often confused with ear doctors, which isn’t surprising because they deal with many similar issues. What an audiologist does, however, is more focused on hearing, technological solutions, and hearing improvement, versus an ear doctor who is more of an ENT specialist.

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So, what is it then, that an audiologist does, and how do they help with hearing issues? These are also the questions the attached video explores and helps to answer. Here is a brief summary of what they do, and how they help with hearing problems.

Arguably, the most valuable service an audiologist can provide is expert diagnosis for your hearing. Like many issues our bodies experience, like vision problems, early detection is often the first and best line of defense. Secondly, audiologists offer professional experience for hearing aid solutions, helping people with hearing loss issues to live more full and complete lives. Last but not least, these medical professionals can also help with hearing implants, and they are advocates for screening and hearing education. If you haven’t had your hearing checked lately, then it might be time to schedule an appointment with an audiologist, because what you don’t hear can hurt you.

Early detection is often the first and best line of defense

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