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All too often we try to compensate if we have a problem, dental or otherwise. When it comes to a dental problem there is no longer any need to be embarrassed because of misaligned teeth. The way that technology has raced forward taking us all with it, with personal computers, smartphones, etc. A patient can have almost any dental problem corrected. Using Invisalign London has given us the experience and confidence to help you to correct your dental condition.

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Dentistry is alive and well

Modern dentistry is producing ever more amazing solutions to a plethora of dental conditions. For many decades if a young person was diagnosed with a misaligned dental condition they used to have to wear an uncomfortable metal brace. It usually worked and those people today are grateful, seeing the results. Those braces have been redesigned and are now a more efficient and comfortable apparatus to wear. There have also been many new braces that have been developed, some match the colour of our teeth. These all work using wires, blocks and bands which are usually attached to the front of the teeth. There is a version that uses the same principles but fits onto the inside of the teeth.

Invisalign aligners

Braces now called aligners are the latest device to correct certain dental misalignments. Invisalign aligners are referred to as trays that fit over the patient’s teeth in much the same way that a gum shield fits over the teeth. There is a lot more to it than that though as this system comes with associated software and hardware. Before commencing any treatment a thorough 3D scan is taken using an iTero scanner. This clever piece of kit creates a clear 3D image of your teeth in a matter of minutes. It takes up to six thousand images per second. X-rays also allow us to make a complete assessment of the state of your teeth, gums and jawbone. It used to be necessary to use dental putty, which was smothered over your teeth to make an impression. Now the digital scan produced by the iTero 3D scanner can be sent to the laboratory digitally which is far less messy and much quicker. Once the laboratory has the images they can produce a virtual picture of how your teeth will look after treatment. This can all be done before treatment has even begun, so you can see what you can look forward to once treatment has finished.

The treatment

Once the trays have been created they are sent to us to fit the first one and to make any adjustments so that they fit comfortably. Each tray must be worn for at least twenty two hours per day. It is possible to remove them to eat and drink and also to brush and floss. Each tray needs to be worn for around three weeks before the next tray can be fitted. Each tray has a slightly different orientation which moves the teeth into the desired position. The duration of the treatment depends on the condition being treated and can be anything from six months to a year or even longer.

Worth the wait

When the last tray has been removed it is necessary to wear a final aligner. This holds the teeth in the new location and allows the teeth to settle. After that it’s big smiles wherever you like, boosting your confidence and no longer feeling self-conscious when you smile.

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