The ever growing market for that Instagram-able smile has caused a wave of online sites to start selling clear aligners, but unfortunately in many cases these clear braces haven’t turned out to deliver the results they promised and have in fact left patients with more issues than they started with.

What’s On The Market?

The biggest online retailer of such braces is Smile Direct Club who claim they are straightening teeth faster and cheaper than more traditional methods. They have been reported saying that the vast majority of patients have successful results.

The Problem…

Sure they may be seeing heaps of successful patients, but the issue is the ones falling victim to a lack of quality control. Once a patient who had been quoted over £5000 by his dentist to fix his teeth then went to an online retailer to be quoted £1800. Of course he went with them, what he didn’t expect was for his teeth to become so weak he can no longer bite into fruit!


The online brace systems work similarly to that of Invisalign or other clear brace systems you can get through your dentist. The major difference is that the moulds are taken at home, which though may seem like a small task is actually a really important part. When not taken correctly you could end up with moulds that don’t fit right over your teeth and cause wear on the enamel and force the teeth into a position that isn’t right.

Not To Mention

During this whole process you’re never actually seen by a dentist and not everyone has teeth and gums healthy enough to take the strain of having braces fitted! Dentists and orthodontists train for literal years to be able to identify if someone is healthy enough for braces, and it’s through regular check ups that they’re able to ensure your teeth and gums are responding well.

There have even been cases where patients have lost teeth due to cowboy aligners. Patients often don’t fully appreciate the amount of pressure that’s been placed on their teeth.

What The Experts Are Saying

health practitioners

The British Dental Association has already raised concerns about online customers being left to make big decisions alone and without all the information that they need. And the UK Dental Association has said that 3D scans and at home teeth moulds just aren’t enough to approve the use of clear braces.

And The Really Scary Part…

There are patients from these online sellers who have been asked to non-disclosure agreements in return for full or parietal refunds.


We’re living in a really tricky time where literally every single penny counts and finding ways we can save here and there has never been more important. However, your teeth are so, so, so precious and need to be handled with care, no financial saving is worth risking your teeth.

If you or someone you know is thinking about taking up an online retainer company then it’s well worth thinking twice and getting in contact with your local registered dentist Dublin. Only your dentist Dublin will be able to offer the complete, industry approved care you need! Google dentist Dublin to find who’s closest to you.

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