Puzzled about having oral implants fitted? A brief guide to what you can expect

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When you have decided to go with oral implants as a way to improve your smile and strengthen your bite, it is likely you will have a few questions about the procedure.

After all, as oral implants are fitted to your jaw, they fall outside the realm of regular dental treatments, such as fillings or root canals and so you may be a bit worried about the fitting.

Not to worry! Although you may be concerned about undertaking oral implants, the fitting is safe and will leave you with a permanent restoration for that pesky gap or missing tooth.

So, when you go to have your dental implants in Clapham fitted is it all done on the same day? Are there things required beforehand? And what about aftercare; how do you identify a potential problem?

These questions and many more are answered below, in the basic guide to the fitting of oral implants.


The first step to having dental implants fitted near Clapham is to attend a consultation with a cosmetic dentist.

A typical consultation will involve your dentist assessing the condition of your gums, any remaining natural teeth and taking an X-ray of your jaw. This is done so your dental team can establish if your jaw is suitable for oral implants.

If it isn’t don’t worry; your dentist will be able to recommend other restorative procedures.

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When you go to your dentist for them to fit your dental implants by Clapham, they will numb your gums thoroughly and ensure you are comfortable before proceeding.

They will gently cut into your gum line, to expose the jaw underneath. Using a specialist drill, they will create a hole (or holes) in a predetermined location. Then, they will screw the implant into place and will sew the gum back together with dissolvable stitches. Physically resembling a screw, part of the implant will be above the gum, and your dentist will affix a temporary tooth or teeth to it.


Now, you need to wait. For up to six months to be exact!

During this time, your jawbone will grow around your oral implant, securing it to your jaw. Your dentist will perform X-rays regularly to ensure that this is happening and that your body isn’t rejecting the implants.

If all goes well, your temporary prosthesis will be removed and you will be fitted with your permanent prosthetic teeth.


For the first two weeks after the implants are fitted, do not smoke any cigarettes or consume any alcohol. Eat only soft foods and avoid spicy or sugary confectionery like curries. Take care of any natural teeth in your mouth, but avoid brushing the implant site; gargle salt water to keep the implants and gums clean.

Identifying an issue

If you notice pain, excessive swelling or discolouration around the implant site, contact your dentist straight away for a follow-up; you may have a dental infection forming or there may be an issue with the position of the implant in your jaw.

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