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Chinese medicine or the healing methods are thousands of years old. And they have not changed much over the centuries. This field of Chinese healing methods deals with energy called Qi. Over the years, it has been observed that imbalance in the Qi can lead to disease and illness. This is primarily due to two opposing and complementary forces, the Yin and Yang.

Ancient Chinese healers believe that humans are a part of the natural universe and are continuously affected by forces. The key concept that all Chinese therapists and healers will tell you are health and disease. Chinese therapies and healing modalities aim to bring about a balance between the two. Read about the various holistic and integrative medicinal treatments used by them in detail.

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1. Acupuncture

You must have seen the Chinese practicing needle therapy on patients, on television. That is what we are talking about here. It is the practice of pressing the needles into the top layers of the skin. The whole treatment entails manipulating the acupuncture points located in the subcutaneous layers. According to Chinese medicine, there are at least 2,000 acupuncture points in the human body. And they are connected to 12 meridians. These meridians conduct the Qi.

The technique is believed to bring about a balance of the Yin and Yang. Thereby, it directs the flow of the Qi through the right channels. It is a therapy that aims to heal various painful conditions. You can get relief from osteoarthritis, migraine, and lower back pain through this healing modality.

2. Chinese Herbs

The Chinese have used various leaves, roots, and stems from plant parts for alternative treatments. Ginseng, Ginger, Licorice, and Rhubarb are the most commonly found herbs Chinese healers use. Ginseng is most common and often used for various therapies for its anti-inflammatory benefits. You can take Chinese medicines and herbs in capsules, teas, and liquids concoctions.

Medicinal herbs from China are said to treat patterns and body compositions. They do not treat just the symptoms of the disease. The treatments take a few weeks to work their wonders. You can also get rid of allergies, auto-immune disorders, cancer, and infertility issues through the proper use of these herbs. Always ensure to source your herbs from a renowned herbologist.

3. Cupping

It is a type of Chinese massage that includes the placement of suction cups on various areas across the body. These cups are made from glass or plastic. The process consists of warming up the cups slightly with the help of heat. Moreover, the oxygen inside is also driven out. Then the practitioner keeps the cups over the body parts. As the air inside the cup cools down, it creates suction pressure and allows the cup to adhere to the skin. The back and the stomach are the most preferred sites for this treatment.

This way, the toxins inside the body are said to get dislocated from their origins and move to the sucked-out areas. Additionally, the toxins emanate from the body surface through bruises created by the suction. It also increases blood circulation to the areas where the cups are placed. This has proved to help release muscle tension and aid in cell repair. It may also help in the formation of fresh connective tissues.

4. Tai Chi

It is another healing modality that has come down from the Chinese kingdom. In this technique, you have to concentrate on proper postures, breathing, and exact movements to bring about the necessary changes to your body. You can also call it a non-competitive form of martial arts used for healing purposes. It is based on the principles of focus, as in martial arts.

You can avail yourself of various physical and emotional benefits due to doing Tai chi. Some benefits include decreased anxiety and improved cognition. It has shown promise in alleviating the symptoms of COPD and arthritis. It is also relatively safe for older adults, who may not practice other forms of exercise.

5. Fire Therapy

It is another Chinese healing technique that can cure various ailments like Rheumatism, arthritis, frozen shoulder, and digestive issues. The therapy involves applying a paste of herbs on the affected sites, followed by alcohol-induced fire generation. It is done to stimulate the acupuncture points. Moreover, therapists believe that it leads to nourishment reaching all the blood in the said area. And it is also thought to improve circulation. No matter how beneficial it may be, therapists must ensure that all safety protocols are followed while carrying out such procedures. Thus, this is best left to trained hands.

These are just a few Chinese therapies that can give you good health and mental wellness. So, it is good to see a Chinese healer today for these myriad preventative benefits.

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