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Heart disease is often linked to a poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, or genetics. Most people do not know that there are uncommon reasons linked to having heart problems. Read on if you want to be a step ahead in keeping a healthy heart.

Declining Dental Health

Bacteria buildup can cause gum inflammation. This infection can permeate the bloodstream and affect your heart. This may convince you to get adult braces in Redwood City. If you have misaligned teeth, you will find it hard to clean them. Having straight teeth is more important now than having that million-dollar smile. Improper dental care can put your heart at risk. Clogged and narrowed blood arteries are not beneficial for a good heart function. Gum disease can also be from excessive smoking, which is also not good for the heart.

Disturbing Sounds

People exposed to loud sounds are more at risk of having higher blood pressure. Disturbed sleep also happens, which is another factor for heart disease.

A car produces around 60 decibels. A freight train is on the range of 71 to 76 decibels. But a train horn has a whopping 140 to 150 decibels. Motorcycles driving by can go from 95 to 110 decibels. The average collective traffic noise is at 50 decibels.

Now imagine if you are living near the main road. Exposure to these sounds every day is inevitable. Aside from being harmful to hearing, constant noise is detrimental to your heart, too. A good measure is to soundproof your home.

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Demanding Work Hours

Working for more than an average of 40 hours a week combines some of the risks of heart disease. There are fewer chances for physical activity. Also, there is an effect on food choices when one is putting in long hours of work. It will either translate to a skipped meal or having unhealthy choices. The person will also have shorter sleep cycles.

Above all, stress goes high to meet the demands and deadlines. Thus, rendering long hours at work is a recipe for an unhealthy heart and lifestyle. Work is important, but a good balance will let you be more productive and healthy in the long run.

Debilitating Sniffles

If you dismiss the flu as a minor disease, you have to think again. A person who has just recovered from a bout of influenza is six times more likely to have a heart attack the week after. This is in comparison to the year before or after they had an illness. This can be due to the blood being stickier and clotting more easily. This change in the composition helps fight off the infection. But the heart works double-time under such circumstances. Thus, you have to go easy on your recovery. Let your heart recuperate, too. Better yet, prevent the flu altogether. Update with your flu shots. Also, adhere to having a healthy lifestyle. Fortify your immune system.

Distressing Emotions

It is no secret that emotional heartaches have a connection with sadness. But studies show that sadness, anger, and pessimism are all risks to the physical heart. With these emotions comes a wide range of symptoms. Stress goes high, and heartbeat increases. There is shortness of breath, and muscles tighten. The broken heart syndrome exists. Thus, it is wise to regulate your emotions and surround yourself with positivity.

The heart is a complex organ. A large scope of factors affects it. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of our habits, surroundings, and general health.

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