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Clinical research is one of the driving forces in medical advances. It allows the development of new treatments and remedies for diseases and the production of modern and more effective medicine. Clinical trials are ongoing across the U.S., and Miami leads the nation when it comes to clinical research on seniors. You might have doubts about joining a clinical research study, but your doubts can be cleared by knowing the facts.

1. It Is Safe

Modern clinical trials prioritize your safety more than anything else. Procedures and tests are designed to minimize negative side-effects, and you will always be monitored for adverse reactions. If you have any questions or doubts, you can always turn to the researchers for answers. Trials cannot force you to stay if you feel threatened. You can always ask for a doctor anytime during the trial, and if you wish, you can withdraw from participating in any point of the test. Clinical trials are run and monitored by multiple agencies to ensure utmost safety and adherence to data collection protocols.

2. You Will Be Well-compensated

For medical examinations that require healthy individuals, participants are usually well-compensated. If you enter a trial to be treated for a particular disease or condition, the research team usually shoulders the cost of your treatment, and you might receive cutting edge treatments or medication that is yet unavailable to the public. Aside from monetary rewards, you also get free checkups during the course of the trial.

3. You’ll Be Contributing to Medical Advancement

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Research participants pave the way for medical advancement. Know that your contribution will count for a lot regardless of the result of your trial. Collected data will serve as a foundation to launch continuing clinical research that will further advance our knowledge of medicine.

4. Placebos Are Possible

When participating in drug trials, you don’t always get the real deal. Some participants will be the control group and only receive placebos or sugar pills. In double-blind trials, even the doctors don’t know who is getting the actual treatment and who are getting placebos. This is to ensure that the data collected is legitimate, and it eliminates most outside forces that can influence the results.

5. There Can Be Side Effects

Whether it’s a drug or a new treatment, side effects are unavoidable. Though strict safety protocols are in place to keep you safe, you might experience unforeseen side-effects. A good example is Viagra. This medical pill for heart conditions created one of the most famous drugs due to unexpected side-effects.

6. It Can Muddle Your Schedule

Monitoring your health can require more checkups, which means more visits to the doctor. Missing an appointment can damage the data collecting process, and these scheduled checkups are also there to ensure your safety and well-being.

Overall, participating in a clinical trial gives you a front-row seat in possible medical advances. You are as important as the doctors running the test, and your contribution can shape the face of medicine in the future.

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