kid getting a dental check up

Good dental habits should start young, and it’s the parents’ job to teach their kids proper dental hygiene. It’s also essential to take note of any teeth growth in their children as this is a crucial time for them. Baby teeth will start to grow and pull out, and this is a painful process for kids.

It’s best to be informed by going to a kids’ dentist in Lehi so that, as a parent, you are guided with enough information. This will help you take care of your child’s teeth to avoid tooth decay, cavities, and gum swelling.

Here are three things you need to know about children’ dental health:

1. Baby teeth

Baby teeth will start appearing by the age of 6 months, and it’s imperative to start dental care right away. Watch out for the two bottom front teeth as they are the first to grow in. Caring for baby teeth will spare the child from cavities and gum problems, saving them from an immense amount of pain.

These are essential in a child’s growth because they help set the mouth and jaw for permanent teeth by maintaining the spaces for adult teeth to grow. These will begin to fall out at six years old. By then, it’s recommended to visit a pediatric dentist to ensure the kid’s dental health.

2. Fluoride is important.

kid boy brushing teethFluoride acts as a protective layer of teeth. It prevents tooth decay by fighting off the plaque on teeth. It fights off bacteria to prevent cavities and gum swelling.

It’s also used to treat osteoporosis by helping the bone become stronger. Fluoride can be used for new bone formation. Thus, it also makes the outer layer of the teeth stronger.

Flouride is usually found in toothpaste and mouthwashes. Some places also require adding fluoride in drinking water. Otherwise, dentists recommend taking oral fluoride supplements to protect teeth from decay.

3. Avoid sugary food.

The mouth is filled with bacteria, good and bad. When sugar is introduced into this ecosystem, some of the bacteria react to it and turns sugar into acid. This acid wears down the protective layer of the teeth by forming plaque.

Plaque reduces the pH level of the teeth, amping up its acidity. This is what causes cavity and tooth decay.

Even though good bacteria and saliva help manage these problems in the mouth, constantly subjecting the teeth to sugars and acids will eventually cause erosions and holes.

How to make dental care more fun for children

Not every child enjoys brushing their teeth. Some even forget to do it regularly, but developing healthy dental habits should start young to avoid future toothaches. Here are ways to make this part of the day enjoyable:

  • Pick out cute toothbrushes and tasty toothpaste. Kids would usually be more excited when stuff is fun and colorful.
  • Help them associate visits to the dentist with things they find rewarding. Remember: no sugary treats.
  • Brush your teeth together. Make silly faces. Maybe even play the newest bop you can find.

Seeing a child smile is probably the brightest ray of sunshine anyone can witness, which is why giving them flawlessly healthy smiles should be a focus of parenting. Make sure they take enough fluoride, avoid sugar, and help them make dental hygiene a fun, bonding experience.

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