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Recovering from addiction may be hard, but if you keep yourself preoccupied with fun activities, you’ll be able to heal better and much faster. If you’re settling in one of those Austin sober living homes or houses you might think that recovering in a city where every corner has a bar may be difficult.

But, you’re still in luck because this part of Texas has so many fun alcohol-free activities for you to join in. So, if you’re looking for something to do in Austin here are some cool suggestions:

Watch a movie

It seems that Austin is a place for movie-lovers because there are several theaters here that can give new meaning to film-watching. If you’re into plush leather seats and ottomans to rest your feet on while watching your favorite movie, then you should head down to the Victoria Crown Cinema.

This place features mainstream films, indie flicks and sometimes even arthouse cinema for those who genuinely love films. If you love movies, but you’re not willing to sit through one film, then go to the Deep Eddy Pool for a totally different cinematic experience.

In this place, you can check out classic films and blockbuster movies while you’re soaking yourself in cool water. Just don’t watch Jaws while you’re in the pool; otherwise, you might think a shark is coming to get you.

If you’ve always wanted to experience what it was like watching movies at a drive-in, then you’re in luck. Just go to the Blue Starlite drive-in theater and get to watch some classic films while eating popcorn inside your own Cadillac.

Play mini-golf

If you’re tired of watching movies, then it’s time to stretch those legs and play a round of mini-golf. Austin has several mini-golf facilities, but you should check out the most famous of them all – the Peter Pan mini-golf course.

The Peter Pan mini golf course is Austin’s iconic entertainment establishment because it has been in operation since 1948. In this place, you’ll get to hone your putting skills with some classic golf course. But you’ll also be able to test your skill with some new ones that the company installed this year.

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Visit museums

Finally, Austin is also renowned for its love for art and some weird things. If you want to check out some cool museums around town and immerse yourself in modern art, then you should first try out the Blanton Museum of Art.

In this museum, you’ll get to enjoy renowned artist Teresita Fernández’s wall installation entitled “Stacked Waters.” Her art piece consists of wall-to-wall acrylic installation that makes you feel like you’re submerged in water.

The striped pattern of the installation perfectly emulates the lapping waves of the sea, which is quite comforting. You could also check out the Mexic-Arte museum, where you can see murals that feature popular Latin artists and figures.

In this place, you can immerse yourself in Latin American culture and art, which is quite prevalent in Austin. Since you’re in Austin, you might want to know more about the proud history of Texas. And if you go to the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, you’ll get to learn about the history not only of this magnificent city but also of the lone star state.

So, if you’re in Austin working on getting back on your feet, check out some of the fun places to go to in this beautiful city. Their ambiance and enjoyable activities will definitely help you be 100% better again.

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