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You might be tempted to wait for your next dental appointment when you have a nagging pain in your teeth, jaw, or gums. However, some situations are severe and might cause a lot of pain that necessitates an emergency dentist appointment immediately. Surprisingly, emergency dental visits in the United States are on the rise. Studies reveal that most patients who seek emergency dental services could have prevented the issues.

You shouldn’t suffer in pain or wait for unexplained swelling or pain to visit your dentist. Besides, waiting for too long for your next dental appointment could cause severe issues ultimately. However, people often wonder about the concerns that are real dental emergencies. You should discover the dental concerns or injuries that require visiting an emergency dentist in Sandy.

1. Broken or knocked-out teeth

A severely broken tooth or teeth can lead to so much pain that you cannot bear. Knocked-out permanent teeth usually bleed everywhere. You are at risk of losing a lot of blood, become miserable, or permanently lose your teeth if you don’t seek emergency dental services. Additionally, you might have to incur more money or more invasive than before when you delay seeking help from an emergency dentist.

2. Missing crowns or filling

Sometimes people know as soon as their filling or crown comes loose. However, other times they don’t know that they are missing a crown or filling until when they get a strange taste of pennies in their mouth. If that happens to you, you shouldn’t ignore the taste or feeling. Instead, book an emergency dental visit immediately. Otherwise, you might require a more invasive treatment procedure such as a root canal.

3. Exposed nerves

The pain resulting from exposed nerve or nerves can be unbearable. You cannot perform your daily activities because of the pain. Notably, you should be concerned when the pain stops all of a sudden because it doesn’t mean that the issue has been addressed. The chances are that your nerve is severely damaged, which explains why you are no longer feeling anything. Make sure that you visit an emergency dentist immediately to ease the pain and get treatment before the nerves get more damaged than ever.

4. A swollen mouth or jaw

You shouldn’t be convinced that it is normal to have a swollen mouth or jaw for no reason. A swollen mouth or jaw results from an array of issues such as mouth or jaw infections, cancer, and swollen lymph nodes. It is advisable to visit an emergency dentist to understand the cause and relieve the pain.

5. Abscessed teeth

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A clear indication of an abscessed tooth is a severe pain that makes drinking, breathing, eating, or talking hard. It can be excruciating to touch your teeth when you have an abscessed tooth. You shouldn’t suffer until the following day or Monday to visit your dentist. You should book an emergency dentist appointment immediately to treat the tooth and reduce the pain.

Now that you know the dental issues that should not wait for the next day, make sure that you don’t suffer in pain anymore. Besides, most dentists nowadays offer emergency dental services. You can search for a dental office near you to access the services as quickly as possible.

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