Beauty Booboos: Could Your Make-up Be the Culprit Behind the Wrinkles?

old woman wearing make up

Make-up does a lot of wonders to our face. Perhaps the best thing it does is it hides imperfections. The caveat, however, is that how you apply those beauty items could be the very reason you’re worsening those facial flaws. More particularly? The dreaded fine lines. If you want to keep your youthful, glowing look, you might want to retrace your make-up steps.

No Beauty in Make-up

The most common wrinkle-forming make-up routine a lot of women do is tugging at the eye area to nail the perfect eyeliner. This puts unnecessary pressure on that thin, fragile skin, which, when repetitively done, could form lines over time. How then can you perfect your winged eyeliner without that pulling action? Well, you can start by using liquid eyeliners since they smoothly glide when you apply them. You do it faster. You do it with fewer mistakes (hopefully). Thus, you don’t have to resort to desperate eye-tugging moves to pull it off.

In the same manner that your application of make-up can induce wrinkles, removal can, too. When you wipe off the mascara and lipstick aggressively, you’re essentially moving facial muscles, and therefore create a groove underneath the skin. Much like when you smile or scowl. That said, go gentle on your skin. Yes, it’s so hard to get every last bit of mascara off your face, but be patient. Use a cleanser designed to remove make-up. Consider hovering your face over a basin of hot water so the steam can soften the top layer of the skin, too.

It’s worth taking note that while aggressive make-up removal isn’t good for your youthful skin, the other extreme isn’t any good either: not removing it and sleeping on it. This habit weakens the collagen. It keeps your skin from repairing itself through the night. So, don’t go sleeping on removing make-up, okay?

Back with Youthful Skin

All hope isn’t lost if ever you do already have the lines on your face. Of course, there are topical creams and medicines you can use, like those that vitamin A acids and alpha-hydroxy acids. Your dermatologist will prescribe products that are right for your skin type and needs. There are also cosmetic procedures, like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser resurfacing. Of course, these can take several sessions, depending on the severity of the wrinkles.

But perhaps the most popular procedure to bring back the youthful skin is, you guessed it, botox treatment. Utah-based medical practitioners share that as long as you are physically healthy, not pregnant, and have no history of neuromuscular diseases, you can take this procedure. You should be able to inform your doctor, though, if you’re currently taking medications, herbal supplements, and whatnot. Make sure to avoid aspirin before the procedure to reduce the likelihood of bruising from the injection later.

Does Your Make-up Age You?

does your make-up age you

Again, your make-up habits (application and removal) can be the very culprit behind your fine lines. Go easy on your skin the next time. And if ever you already have noticeable wrinkles that need to be wiped off, consult your doctor.

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