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Losing even a little bit of faith in your smile because of its appearance can create an emotional rollercoaster and lower your self-esteem. It is therefore important to open up a conversation with your dentist to discuss and understand what options are available to you to change this.

Whilst others may not notice the slightly crooked smile, if your focus is always on the imperfections of your own smile, it is important to get the help you need so as to improve your overall emotional wellbeing along with helping you focus on the positive aspects to your appearance. Having a level of confidence in our daily lives enables us to approach life with more enthusiasm and goes on to help us create new and exciting opportunities rather than hiding away.

With advances in dental health care alongside finance plans and more affordable treatments and procedures, there is no reason to allow your insecurities to fester. Speaking with an oral health care professional can open up so many possibilities for you and ensure that you are aware of what changes you can make to help feel happier with your smile.

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Straightening the smile – what are the options?

Over the years there have been numerous contraptions and appliances created to assist with the straightening of teeth. From metal braces that have a frame on the outside of the head to traditional fixed braces which appear as a ‘train track’ across the teeth, all these options have been and continue to be highly effective. However, with the cosmetic appearance of things being so highly valued in today’s society, it is no wonder that teeth straightening options have evolved to reflect this. Alongside the alterations in materials and appearances to the fixed braces, transparent, removable retainers have become one of the more popular tooth realignment methods. This is where the innovative Invisalign Harley Street fits in.

Over a period of around 6 to 18 months, depending on your individual case, these aligners gently push the teeth into a newly aligned position throughout the day whilst remaining discreet to the outside world. This treatment which is carried out predominantly at home enables patients, no matter the age, to carry on their daily lives with little interruption.

Once the treatment is complete, a new aligner will be created so as to maintain the new, improved smile and prevent the teeth from reverting back to their original positions.

What can impact the straightening times?

One of the largest impacts on the overall length of treatment is the patient’s dedication to their treatment plan. With the removable aspect to the aligners, some patients may choose to leave the aligners out for certain occasions or forget to replace the aligners after carrying out their oral hygiene process. Each time this occurs, the gentle pressure on the teeth is removed enabling the work to be undone as the teeth can shift back into their original position. Whilst this does not happen in mere seconds, it is important to dedicate yourself to the process to ensure that you gain the desired results in a minimal amount of time.

Whilst your dental team can encourage and assist with the realignment process the end results come down to you.

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