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Suppressing the pain and delaying your appointment.

Whether a regular attendee at the dental practice or someone who has not been in several years, when accidental damage or pain has occurred within the mouth it is important to see your dentist immediately. Whilst painkillers will help manage the pain the problem will not be eliminated and therefore needs to be examined and assessed by a professional. It is therefore vitally important to arrange an emergency dental appointment as quickly as possible so as to not sit around suffering.

What is considered to be a dental emergency?

Whilst no one expects to arrange an appointment every time a slight toothache begins to occur if the pain becomes unbearable or goes on for a couple of days it may be that an appointment needs to be booked. It is important to not consider the appointment as a waste of your or others time as any pain or discomfort needs to be resolved and eliminated.

If you have been unfortunate enough to lose a tooth or multiple teeth, whilst it may be low on your agenda to get fixed, a gap in your smile is not considered to be life-threatening. It is actually something that needs to be a priority so as to restore the teeth as quickly as possible and avoid further dental damage.

Another possibility is that your crown may have dislodged or fallen out leaving you with sensitivity within the mouth. Whilst waiting for your appointment avoid eating foods that may irritate the area and ensure that you arrange your appointment promptly so as to avoid infections setting in. Re-cementing a crown is a lot less work than having to have root canal treatment due to an infection setting in.

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Covering the cost.

Whilst emergency appointments, particularly when out of office hours, may seem rather costly, it is important to know that you are not left on your own to cover the cost at once. It is all too easy to try and put treatments or procedures off due to the financial implications, but it is important to not let this worry you. With 0% finance plans available, covering the cost could not be easier and combined with attending appointments as quickly as possible after a dental emergency could greatly reduce the overall cost. After all, the sooner you attend an emergency appointment, the lower the impact of the damage will be and therefore the overall cost.

Not a patient at the practice?

Rest assured whether you are a patient at the dental practice, registered elsewhere, or not registered at all, the dental team are happy to assist with your dental problem and therefore will be available to help. Do not fear being turned away and get in contact as soon as possible so that the team can help as soon as possible.

All dental treatments and procedures written within this article carry potential risks and possible side effects, it is therefore important that all patients seek further information and advice before following through with a treatment plan.

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