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An attractive and bright smile creates a perfect first impression. A winning smile conveys a friendly, optimistic, and confident personality in almost any environment. It thus draws people to you and makes them more likely to respond to you positively. Other than having a positive physical impact, a smile has significant psychological implications. An unattractive smile will make someone self-conscious, hesitant, and withdrawn. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast a naturally perfect smile.

A cosmetic smile makeover by an AZ-based clinic might be just what you need to get a picture-perfect smile. The makeover is primarily based on four principles: gum esthetics, facial esthetics, macro esthetics, and micro esthetics. Facial esthetics mainly deals with the contours of your face and the way muscles work to form a smile. Though genetics plays the primary role in facial contours, some dental issues can adversely affect them and, consequently, your smile. The most common of these is missing teeth. When you lose your teeth, the jawbone starts shrinking to reduce the gap. This causes the hollowing of your facial contours and a more aged appearance. Thankfully, you have a variety of dental solutions for missing teeth to choose from.


Dental implants are artificially designed for insertion into the jawbone in the gap left by a missing tooth. A denture, bridge, or crown can be used to support the implant. Implants are durable and have treatment success rates of over 95%. They also feel comfortable and natural while only requiring minimal maintenance. The implant placement is, however, quite invasive and takes several visits. Dental implants are also more costly compared to other alternatives though they have the highest aesthetic impact on your smile.

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These comprise replacement teeth connected to a pink natural-looking base that resembles your gums. The teeth next to the gap will stabilize the denture and hold it in place. Some dentures have clasps that join them to natural teeth. Dentures are cheaper compared to implants and bridges, can improve your speech, and allow you to eat comfortably. Their placement procedure is also relatively quick and non-invasive. Dentures might, however, feel uncomfortable and look unnatural.


These bridge gaps in your jawbone using artificial teeth or dental prosthetics. The prosthetic will be attached to the teeth near the gap and bonded using dental cement. Bridges are cheaper than implants and look and feel like natural teeth. It might, however, be challenging to clean the space under the bridge. Poor-fitting bridges also affect the teeth next to them.


The flipper tooth is mostly a partial denture that temporarily fills a gap on your jawbone. It is only used until you can get a permanent replacement fitted. Flippers are cheap, lightweight, and do not require that many trips to the dentist. Even so, they are fragile and slightly unstable.

Dermal fillers seem like the cheapest option for filling your facial contours. These, however, may have risky side effects and need repeat injections to maintain your look. The above dental options are the most inexpensive and safest tools for filling your facial contours to achieve a perfect smile.

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