Every wedding is a hectic affair. As you know, there is a level of preparation- not only for the couple but also for the guests- that takes place to make sure that this once in a lifetime moment can be a success. The same can be said if you were given a special role in the event.

Although it is the essence of matrimony that is truly being celebrated, many couples still take advantage of the wedding to gather their loved ones in one room—to reconnect and celebrate with them. Having said that, a wedding is still an event. And every event requires careful planning and strong management skills. For sure, you know a bride and groom who consider themselves as a chill couple but witnessed, nevertheless, how wedding preparation can test their threshold for stress.

This is, in no way, a plan on how to upstage the bride. Consider this as a checklist to prepare yourself, so you can spend the day celebrating love, instead of worrying.

  1. Schedule the procedures you want early on.

If you think that getting a facial a couple of days before the event is a good idea, you better move the appointment two weeks before the big day. Facial can cause breakouts as it cleanses your pores. Extractions, on the other hand, can cause redness and dark spots on parts of your face. Give your face the time to recover. As a matter of fact, the best time to see the effect is two weeks after. Surely, you will be sporting that post-facial glow.

The same can be said if you want to get certain procedures like botox and fillers. To avoid looking like a bruised fruit, get the procedures not later than two weeks before. Talk to the doctor about the options you have, if the product that will be used is FDA approved or CE marked. In Salt Lake City, lip fillers vary, depending on the result you want.

For a more detailed schedule, check this guide.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes.

Expect a party right after the ceremony, so you better wear your dancing shoes. Thank the years and the fashion god who created block heels. Gone are the days when sexy heels mean five to seven inches of pain. Now, trends are leaning towards block heels that are fun, hip, and comfortable. Nonetheless, try to break into your new shoes. It’s as easy as wearing them inside your apartment if you still want them to look new.

  1. Experiment with your hair and makeup before the big day.

Bad makeup can ruin your day, especially if there are photos to remind you of it for the rest of your life. Whether you’re getting a professional to do it or it’s every woman for herself scenario, be sure about what look you want before. Try experimenting at home and take pictures of yourself. Choose which one look matches the wedding theme, and see which one you feel most beautiful in.

Bride and bridesmaids

Knowing how special the day is going to be for the bride and groom, being given a part to play in the entire affair as a bridesmaid can put you into a lot of pressure. Keep in mind that wedding preparations can be fun if you will not allow stress to get the best of you.

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