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It cannot be denied that there are lots of misinformation circulating about men, which people should stop believing right now. And it is not just because they are inaccurate, but also because starting with the truth can help men and women better understand each other.

Here are some of the most common myths about men and their bodies, and the truths behind each one.

Myth #1: Men have thick skin

It is one of the long-lasting myths about men that they have thick skin. Many people believe that no matter how hard you poke fun at men, they will be able to brush it off like dirt. But the truth is men can be emotional and sensitive at times, too.

The only reason most men do not seem like they are is that society has ingrained in their minds that they should have a heart of steel. Being emotional is supposedly only for women and children, which is why many men pretend to be unfazed from all the jeering and criticisms. But deep down, your man may be hurting.

Myth #2: Men do not know how to communicate

Men do know how to communicate. In fact, they like to talk. But compared to women, they are likely to be more honest about their feelings, which sometimes can appear as if they are too frank.

With most women being sensitive, whenever they encounter a person who is brutally honest, they might end up taking it against that individual. This is why many men would then prefer to be silent when asked to open up. They just do not want to end up being judged or receiving lectures speaking their minds with brutal honesty.

Myth #3: Men’s feet size implies manhood size

There is just no truth to this myth despite its popularity. Ask any podiatrist in Singapore or any other country in the world and they will tell you that the size of a man’s feet does not tell the size of his manhood. Several studies have already shown that there is no link between the two.

Myth #4: Men only care about a woman’s looks

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Another famous misconception about men is that all of them care only about a woman’s looks and are not willing to look deeper into a woman’s personality. The truth is a lot of men prefer women with a strong personality and a carefree outlook.

You would be surprised to know how many men would prefer to date their closest female friend because she makes them laugh. Most men would find that more enjoyable than going out on a date with the attractive female in the office who could make it as a model, but is a bit dull.

These myths should stop existing. Men are not the simple creatures that many people deem them to be. They are also complex and sensitive individuals, just like women. And the more that both sides try to understand each other, the more that they can build better and lasting relationships.

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