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It is estimated that in excess of eighty per cent of people in the UK suffer from some form of dental misalignment. The majority can be treated successfully with braces or aligners. In more severe cases surgery may be required to correct the condition. You can be confident that the right dental practice will have the skills, experience and dental team to provide you with the best advice and treatment for your condition. For the less severe dental misalignment conditions dentists have a number of dental appliances that they use. Braces used to be the traditional method employed, but since the creation of aligners many dentists have been able to use Invisalign St John’s Wood to provide a discreet and comfortable way of straightening your teeth. Often dentists refer to these particular aligners as trays.

An assessment could change your dental health

To feel self-conscious about such a basic facial function as smiling can affect how you feel about yourself. A welcoming, friendly dental team will help you to realise that there is no need to suffer from a feeling of embarrassment because you are unhappy with your teeth. Your teeth are extremely important for a variety of reasons, not least because you use them to chew your food. In addition they are your way of communicating if you are happy or melancholy. All you have to do is pick up the phone and arrange an appointment. The dentist of your choice will conduct a thorough examination and give you an honest assessment and provide you with your options. Your decision could change your outlook and make smiling a function that you can come to enjoy.

Technology that delivers

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To straighten your teeth with braces, blocks are normally attached to the front of your teeth and then wires and bands are attached to gradually increase pressure and move your teeth. Trays work totally differently, but achieve a similar result. Trays fit over your teeth and resemble gumshields, the technology used to create and manage this form of treatment is designed around the twenty-first century patient. A 3D scanner produces images of the entire inside of your mouth and the supporting software in turn creates a 3D image which eliminates the need to use dental putty to create a mould. Dentists are even able to show you a 3D image of what your smile will look like once the treatment has been completed, before you have even started it. Once you have decided to proceed with the treatment, dentists are able to digitally send all the relevant information to a laboratory so that they can create your personal trays. The computer software calculates the exact number of trays that are required to correct your condition. Each tray has its own shape and fits into a series so that you wear each one following a very specific order. This treatment is particularly popular because the trays are made from a clear dental material which makes them almost invisible.

Duration of treatment

Your personal treatment plan is based on your particular needs and the condition being treated. The duration of the treatment will depend on your condition and on average is spread over a six month to two year time period. Each tray will need to be worn for at least a period of twenty-two hours per day. They can be removed so that you can enjoy your meals and to allow you to brush your teeth. On average each tray will need between two to three weeks before the next in the series needs to be worn..

No longer self-conscious!

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At the end of your treatment you will need to wear a final aligner to retain your teeth in their new position. This aligner is also clear so it will also be unobtrusive and you can remove it to reveal your new straighter teeth and confident smile.

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