When it comes to getting treatment, many of us fall victim to misconstrued ideas about diseases and disorders. One particular disorder that people have many misconceptions about is neuropathy. Here are the most common myths that surround neuropathy.

Myth #1: Pain and tingling sensations are just normal parts of aging

When you’re in your 50s or 60s and you often feel a tingling sensation on your feet and hands, you shouldn’t shrug it off and just think that it’s all part of aging. You should especially be vigilant when that tingling sensation turns into pain because it could be a sign that you’re suffering from neuropathy.

Some people feel pain while others feel only a tingling sensation. But no matter which sensation you feel, it’s important to have yourself checked in order to know what’s wrong with your body.

Myth #2: Diabetes is the only cause of neuropathy

Unfortunately, neuropathy can be caused by several other conditions. If you have vitamin deficiencies, for example, you can experience a deterioration of your nerve endings, which could lead to neuropathy. Even some medications could lead to this condition.

But, the majority of people with neuropathy are diabetic, which is probably why this myth has persisted for a long time. In fact, 70% of neuropathy patients are diabetic, so better watch your blood sugar from time to time.


Myth #3: Neuropathy doesn’t have a cure

Some people who were diagnosed with neuropathy and tried to seek treatment weren’t successful with their medications. But just because they weren’t able to cure their condition, it doesn’t mean there’s no cure for it.

According to doctors, changing your lifestyle is the first thing you should do. As mentioned earlier, 70% of neuropathy patients are diabetic, so it’s important to monitor your blood sugar and change your lifestyle that will minimize the amount of glucose in your blood. Another way to treat your condition is to seek neuropathy treatment. Layton, Utah has many facilities that provide this kind of treatment.

Myth #4: The tingling sensation will just go away

Although some people have claimed that their tingling sensation did go away, it shouldn’t urge you to not seek help when you start feeling numbness, tingling sensation, or pain. You should consult your physician as soon as you feel these symptoms on your hands and feet.

Also, just because the tingling sensation isn’t located on your feet and hands, it doesn’t mean that it’s not neuropathy. Your body is filled with nerves, so any damage to your nerve endings means that you can feel these sensations anywhere in your body.

Myth #5: Exercise can exacerbate your neuropathy

There’s a grain of truth to this myth because high-impact workouts can worsen the pain in your body. However, it doesn’t mean you should avoid exercising altogether. Health experts say that if you perform low-impact exercises, like walking, yoga, and swimming, you’ll be able to improve your health and not exacerbate your condition.

Living with neuropathy is hard and it can be more difficult if you keep on believing in some misconceptions about this condition. So, learn more about your condition and discard the myths that surround it.

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