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Skin grows along as you age. With dry,  loose skin and wrinkles, it can be hard to feel great. If only the fountain of youth were real and within reach, you can instantly turn things around, and look and feel as if you never aged a day. Getting old is inevitable, but some people appear to not age at all due to good genes or a healthy lifestyle.

The good news is there’s hope, whether you’ve not been blessed with good genes or have been making poor choices in life.

Here are five ways to look young again:

Consider PRP treatment

PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. Such a procedure helps in effectively improving your skin in terms of tone, color, and texture. The process itself only lasts for about 20-30 minutes and is safe. There is no risk for allergic reaction since the PRP is from your own blood. Your therapist will draw blood from you, run it through centrifugation, and then inject that blood to your problem areas. This procedure typically doesn’t have downtime.


According to a study, water is the best way to fight aging. Skin fails to produce enough moisture, which can lead to dry, flaky skin as you get older. Older adults also have low water reserves. This means you need to drink more water than before.

Never skip the sunscreen

One of the best investments for healthy and younger-looking skin is sunscreen. It may seem like a cliche, but you should never let a day go by without wearing your favorite sunscreen. It can decrease skin aging by 24 percent. Make sure to choose an unperfumed, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 25 and above. Don’t just cover your face with it, but your neck as well. Want an even better secret? Use a sunscreen that is infused with antioxidants.

Wear less makeup

Some people wear makeup to hide skin imperfections. However, the culprit for your bad facial skin could very well be your favorite makeup product. The more makeup you use, the more dirt that clogs up your pores. By giving your face a makeup break, it can help your skin to recover faster. Let your skin breathe by refraining from wearing makeup.

Invest in Retin-A

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When you use Retin-A, you’re not only working to improve the superficial. It works within the cellular level, making it one of your must-haves for a younger, looking skin. If you want lesser brown spots and wrinkles, invest in products with Retin-A. With a consistent dosage of this wonder drug, you can remodel your skin effectively.

Sleep better and more

Finally, ever wondered about the truth in the phrase: woke up like this? According to science, you can make that claim by getting enough shut eye. Sleep allows your body to repair itself, from your brain to your muscles and to your skin. Your skin’s blood flow increases, rebuilding collage and repairing the damage, like age spots.

Other ways to look young are exercising, reducing sugar intake, and exfoliating your skin. Whether you choose to do them all or go with periodic treatments, the bottom line is take care of your body now. Because fighting the signs of aging should start early.

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