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People seem to work nonstop. With access to the internet and apps, most employees seem to be on a 24-hour work day. Although some businesses will benefit from this kind of output, most may suffer. Over time, employees begin to feel sick and start taking days off. Fewer people at work means lower levels of productivity; this may lead to people quitting and finding a new job.

A workplace that focuses on health and wellness instead of just results will inspire people to work better and deliver results. Employers should not only consider creating a healthier environment, but also provide competitive health benefits for their employees.

Health Coverage

Many American employees see the value of health coverage in deciding whether to choose a job and stay in it. The American health care system covers millions of people; employees that work hard and are protected.

If an organization has good health care benefits, it can be improved when employers take time to speak to workers about what they want. Many employees tend to separate health and work when they exercise outside the office and keep track of their progress.

When employers promote health initiatives in the workplace, people will feel cared for and show up to work more frequently. Offices in Utah, for example, have health care administration benefits that make it easier for businesses to ensure services to employees. When workers know what they have access to, they’ll be aware of the benefits provided for them and make use of their time at work.

Once employees feel confident about their health, they can benefit an organization in many ways.


A sick employee will cost an organization time and money. If people are happy and healthy, they’ll show up for work consistently and take lesser days off. An office implementing a wellness program can see reduced absentees and higher levels of productivity. Organizations may not always think about employee well-being, but it will benefit them too in the long run.

A Healthy Reputation

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The link between office and health is low, with many people associating health with non-office related activities. On the contrary, people view work as a place full of stress, which results in poor health. A business focusing on health will positively impact its self-image and motivate employees. There’s nothing more appealing for a job-seeker than to find a company that cares for its employees.

Making it Work

Business and health need to be balanced for everyone to benefit. A company may spend too much budget on wellness and have nothing left for other areas of importance. A big advantage for large companies is their capability to provide accessible health care opportunities. This doesn’t mean promoting a healthy culture has to be expensive. Simple initiatives, like outdoor meetings and fruit distributions, are cheap and effective examples of promoting a healthy workspace. A leader can also post memos or circulate information about building healthy working habits.

A Healthy Workforce for a Healthy Organization

Employers today have to be considerate about taking care of their workers. Aside from providing attractive health coverage, building a healthy environment is a big factor for employees to perform better and stay. If organizations focus on the health aspects, even just a little, they will see improvements in the long-term.

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