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It is an internationally known fact that the United States and its citizens are the most overweight people in the world. The mean amongst adults aged 20 and above is hovering above 40%; four out of every ten Americans you will encounter is likely obese. Many factors are said to have contributed to this obesity problem. It has actually been declared an epidemic by the World Health Organization. Factors such as poverty, poor food choices, and lack of access to education and healthcare are only a few of the elements contributing to the problem.

It will not be surprising to say that you have gained a little weight during the pandemic. After all, you could not get your desired exercise outside your home because of the restrictions put in place. As more and more companies are opting to save money by making their employees work from home in the meantime, even more workers are becoming well-adjusted to the scheme. In a recent study, more than two-thirds of existing companies are looking to have their work from home set up to be a permanent or intermittent arrangement. Many companies find this arrangement safer and more practical, while the vaccine rollout seems to be a long way from complete realization.

Common Americans may be working from home and battling both the COVID 19 pandemic and the obesity epidemic. What are the ways you can do to improve your well-being and stay healthy even when stuck inside your home?

Cardio Workout

The obesity problem can cause a wide array of diseases as you get older. Heart diseases, diabetes, and strokes are only a few of the well-known and documented risks involved when one is obese. Luckily, engaging in fruitful cardio workouts can reduce your risk of becoming obese. Merely walking inside your yard for at least 30 minutes a day can help maintain your weight to a healthy level. If you do not have a big yard but have a small staircase, climbing it multiple times will also help you watch your weight.

You always have to keep on doing an activity to burn out the calories you keep on consuming. Being stagnant and idle can only help you gain weight. Unfortunately, being stagnant and idle are the main drawbacks of working from home. Keep active and engage in a little cardio workout daily to prevent future problems.

Lifts Workout


Contrary to popular belief, lifting weights will not always cause you to bulk up. Lifting weights exercise is one of the few ways you can stave off those extra pounds and prevent obesity. It also improves your posture and refining your bone density. Improving your posture and gaining muscle mass can prevent you from having injuries. It also helps you get better sleep, lower your inflammation and fight off common chronic diseases.

Better yet, it also improves the blood flow pumping from your heart. Aside from that, it will make your body better toned and firm. The saggy parts of your skin will also be lifted and will also look better in general.

Mental Workout

In assisted living facilities around the country, the mental faculties of the elderly and the forgetful are still stimulated through different methods appropriate for their age. Similar to their daily stimulation, you must also train your mind to work out every day. Engaging in mentally stimulating activities will help you keep sharp, focused, and prepared for any problem that comes your way.

Repeated activities that stimulate your brain can lead to sharper and healthier minds as you grow old. We live in a society that is heavily assisted by digital tools. Sometimes, excessive dependence on technology can lead to massive bouts of brain fog. By engaging yourself in a mental workout session at least once daily, you cultivate and take care of your mind even more – especially as you grow old.

Spiritual Workout

Participating in personal spiritual workouts is a healthy way to keep your inner thoughts and feelings calm and collected. Even if you are merely inside your home, your thoughts and feelings can become problematic with the lack of social interaction you get. By meditating daily, you give your mind a chance to keep calm and just let your thoughts pass. Sometimes, your inner thoughts can clog and distract you from your goals. By meditating, deliberating, and reflecting, you give yourself a chance to pause and recollect your own self.

Keeping your health in check might prove difficult in the middle of a global crisis. However, it is high time that you take care of yourself and your body now that you have a chance to. Now that you are kept inside to be with yourself, you can bring the focus back to your own existence.

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