Longer Service Life: How to Keep Your Lab Equipment in Mint Condition

medical technologist is working in the laboratory. Using a microscope for detect the objects that are too small for the naked eye.

If you work in a laboratory on a day-to-day basis, then you would know that lab equipment plays a huge part in what you do. They keep your measurements exact, which is definitely important, especially when doing a couple of laboratory experiments and tests. Sure, you can just buy a new unit if something gets damaged, but this is not exactly the most cost-effective way to keep your business going.

Below, we will discuss a couple of tips to make sure that your lab equipment and autoclave in Australia will stay in perfect condition for a long time.

Don’t Wait for a Long Time to Repair it

If you see even the slightest damage on your equipment, then make sure to have it repaired as soon as possible. If you cannot call a repair guy ASAP, then do the repair by yourself — that is if you are able to do it. Minor repairs such as replacing worn-out nuts and bolts or even cleaning your microscope’s objective lens can dramatically extend your lab equipment’s lifespan.

Refurbish Every Once in a While

Disassemble your lab equipment every now and then to make sure that you’ll be keeping it clean. Polish every single part of it and put a lubricant on it if needed. However, before taking out the parts, you should make sure that you are capable of reassembling it. Otherwise, you can do even more harm than good to the equipment itself. Keep the instruction manual on hand at all times so you can turn to it if ever something goes wrong with the reassembling.

Calibrate it

Your lab equipment should be regularly calibrated from time to time. This will help you pinpoint any tell-tale signs of wear and tear that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This will help you prevent losing important data, which is important, especially if you do not have a backup. However, if you do not have the proper equipment or skillset to perform the calibration, then it would be best to hire a third-party service that can do it for you instead.

Keep it Organized

A cluttered and messy environment can take a toll on your lab equipment. Make sure that your storage space such as cabinets and cupboards are free from pests, moisture, and mould build-up, as these can easily damage your equipment. Additionally, you should also avoid a disorganized workspace, as this can make you knock over and break things in a blink of an eye. Make sure to organise everything by their designated specific places so you can easily see and reach for them whenever you need to.

Clean it at All Times

Scientists working in the laboratory

Always make it a point to keep your lab clean and safe from dirt and pests. Take a clean piece of cloth and wipe every surface of the lab every now and then. However, some lab machines and equipment that you have might need a little bit more TLC, so if you are not sure how to clean these, then reach out to a professional instead.

Keeping your lab equipment in perfect condition will make you save a lot of money over time. Losing and breaking a couple of equipment can also be a hassle, as not every single equipment can be ordered easily.

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