Why More People are Struggling with Low Self-Confidence during the Pandemic

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Many people have self-confidence issues even before the crisis started. Sometimes, it is because of one’s genes and temperament. Experts say that up one’s personality traits including self-confidence can be inherited. Some people are also naturally cautious, watchful, and more hesitant. When navigating new situations that seem awry, they are more likely to stop themselves from being further involved in the situation.

There are times when one’s lack of self-confidence can be due to certain life experiences, faulty thinking, and what the media is telling us. There are also times when one’s low self-confidence can be due to their poor mental health. Anxiety and depression are known to go hand-in-hand with low self-confidence.

Why Low Confidence Is an Issue During the Covid-19 Crisis

When the pandemic started, many of us were forced to stay home-bound. Some went from learning in school to learning from home. Some people turned into remote workers overnight.

Millions of people lost their source of income. Many got sick or have a close love one die from the virus. Some were left to live alone while others lost touch with their loved ones.

This made people more anxious, scared, and withdrawn. Some are now more paranoid than ever. We often find ourselves obsessed with the news which only makes our stress levels increase more each day.

With more people isolating, they are turning to social media. More often than not, this does more harm than good to one’s self-esteem. Aside from the pandemic news and misinformation surrounding various social media platforms, the things we see on social media are often enough to hurt our confidence.

How Social Media Hurts One’s Confidence

Seeing other people’s lives better than yours can do enough damage to one’s self-confidence. While it is apparent that not everything you see online is real and the full picture, many find themselves worried for someone else has a seemingly more perfect life than them. This shuts their confidence down, hits their ego, and is enough to make them question their own achievements in life.

Many people say they turn to social media for validation and assurance. They try to look happy, thriving, and content when reality, they are already struggling internally. More often than not, this results in negative effects on one’s self-image and confidence.

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Health, Self-image, and Suppressing Emotions

Other people are left blocking their own emotions just to make themselves look strong in front of their loved ones. You can see parents struggling with the new normal but are trying so hard to keep this from their kids.

There are also some that are now struggling with their health and self-image. The habits they picked up during the pandemic made them lose or gain weight, slack on their career, or even embrace vices that are only making everything worse. Others find themselves struggling with body image due to other factors.

How One Can Boost Self-Confidence in the New Normal

Self-care is crucial if we want to give our confidence a boost. This starts with taking great care of ourselves. We can start by eating right, exercising more, and getting adequate rest and sleep.

For certain issues like acne and other skin problems, we can start with using the right products to slowly regain our confidence. To remove blackheads, use an exfoliating clean scrub for your face. If your acne is getting worse and no natural remedies are working, consult with a skin doctor to address the issue.

Go back to enjoying your hobbies and ask a friend or two to have fun while observing health and safety precautions. Turn to your loved ones whenever you feel sad, alone, depressed, or talking negatively to yourself. Spend more time in nature, rest if you need it, and be more mindful of your habits.

Listen to what your mind is telling yourself and considering challenging this. Instead of negative self-talk, turn things around by complimenting yourself. Cite your achievements, and thing think about the strengths that even people around you are telling you.

Reach out to your loved ones and don’t hesitate to let them know about your struggles. Start nurturing relationships and build your network. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good.

If are feeling demotivated at work, look for your causes of stress and choose to face them head-on. Consider improving or learning new skills so you can start taking on bigger and better projects. Show resilience by going out of your comfort zone.

You can also consider getting involved in your community. Volunteering, helping other people, and organizing causes for others can help make you feel good. You just need to find something you are passionate about, work on it, and allow this to give you the confidence boost you need.

It can be tricky to boost your confidence when you find yourself trapped in an endless loop of self-doubt. Choose to challenge yourself to be better, stronger, and more positive. You are worth more than you give yourself credit for. Know that only you can turn things around and improve your confidence if you want to. All the tips mentioned above can help you navigate the pandemic and come out as a stronger, healthier, and happier individual despite the challenges brought about by the new normal.

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