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It can be difficult to advertise a local business, especially when attempting to adopt more generalized digital marketing methods like social media and other ads targeted exclusively for local consumers. You have come to the perfect place if you’re not sure where to begin.

We’ll go over the seven most effective marketing methods for orthodontists in this guide. If you follow these suggestions, you’ll see an immediate increase in your web conversion rate, consult rate, and overall marketing efficacy. So, let’s get started!

Make Connections with Local Dentists

One of the most effective ways to obtain new patients is through referrals from dentists. Dental patients are well aware that they will require your services at some point in the future. Patients are more inclined to trust and value you if they trust and value their dentist.

Establishing ties with local dentists and developing a solid rapport with them can increase the likelihood of them referring their patients to you. Make time in your calendar once a month to meet with area dentists for coffee and to attend networking events where peers congregate.

Find strategies to stay in touch with your dentist network, such as emailing them interesting, industry-related publications. Also, don’t forget to thank them for each patient referral with a thank-you note.

Offer Free Consultations

Free consultations are offered without obligation and allow prospective patients to have a firsthand look at your practice. They are, however, taking action that will give them a positive predisposition to you over your competition by taking the initial step.

To guide prospective patients through the final stage of the purchase cycle, including a free consultation form on your landing page or website. Using an excellent orthodontics marketing approach, you have effectively guided a prospective orthodontics patient through the purchase cycle. All that’s left now is to stick to all of these tools and approaches to keep them coming!

Use Video Marketing

Every week, 45% of Americans watch more than an hour of videos on Facebook or YouTube. To put it another way, video is a fantastic tool to use in your digital marketing efforts. Videos can be shared on your website, shared on social media, and distributed through other digital channels.

Your videos, like your social media presence, should be personal and entertaining. Don’t just shoot a video that lists your dental services. That’s tedious. Create content that reflects your practice’s personality. For instance, you can shoot videos of your clients before and after dental implants.

Go Local!

Make local Facebook advertisements, or Google Adwords campaigns a part of your marketing budget. These marketing channels can be an efficient approach to reach out to parents whose children require braces, as well as consumers considering Invisalign.

Establishing a presence in the community and creating personal contact with potential patients is another excellent strategy to expand your customer base. Consider sponsoring a sports team, setting up a table at a local event, or volunteering your services at a benefit.

Invest in Local Signs

While this advice may seem self-evident, you’d be shocked how many individuals overlook it in favor of more technological ways. Local signage is without a doubt the most effective means of connecting with people in your town or community. Local signs are also a good approach to acquire more local traffic if you’re a local business.

So, how many signs do you think you should put up? As many as you possibly can. Simply put, local signage is a one-time expense that pays for itself repeatedly. If it’s well-made and appealing to your target demographic, a single sign can bring in a lot of traffic or consultations.

To get the most out of the plan, find all the high-traffic areas frequented by people in your target demographic and place your signage there. Banners, posters, and everything else you can think of fall into this category.

Ask Your Patients to Leave Positive Reviews Online

Positive online reviews aren’t a new concept. However, in 2022, reviews will become even more important as more people rely on them to make medical decisions.

According to research, 91% of individuals read internet evaluations, and 84% trust them as much as a personal recommendation. In other words, your offline reputation is now being overshadowed by your online reputation.

Whatever industry you’re in, having a strong, favorable online presence will help you. However, having a strong online presence is extremely vital for orthodontists. Whether your patients are looking for a specific technique to straighten their teeth or simply looking for a local orthodontist, you need to appear high in search results. Patients today regard your website as just as important as making a phone call or visiting your clinic, so having a consistent digital strategy is critical.

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