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You’ve been dreaming about your wedding day since you were little, and now that the big day is finally here, you have to make sure everything goes perfectly to plan. And because weddings are expensive, there’s even more pressure to make sure everything goes perfectly. From your gown to the centerpieces on the tables, there’s no detail too small to overlook.

There are many details to consider, which can leave you feeling frazzled at best and downright panic-stricken at worst. No matter how big or small your wedding day is, it’s important to take your time and remember that a little planning now will save you worry later. Here are seven easy ways to reduce wedding planning stress when you’re getting married.

Set Budget Benchmarks

When you’re planning a wedding, many elements fall under your purview. It can seem overwhelming at times, and it only gets more stressful when your budget keeps changing. Before you start planning, set some benchmarks for what you’re willing to spend on different aspects of your nuptials. Some are easy enough to estimate, while others require more research like photographers, menu, and the venue.

Plan Well

Many brides and grooms leave their wedding planning until just a few months before the big day. While many couples prefer to wait until they’ve set a firm date, waiting can lead to unnecessary stress (and headaches) when plans are hastily made. Make a wedding planning checklist to help ensure that you don’t miss anything important during your busy weeks leading up to your big day.

Identify Key Vendors

You can create a spreadsheet of your dream vendors and rank them, with one being your top choice. It will help cut down on your research by eliminating any vendors that don’t match what you want for your wedding. After identifying a few top picks, set up meetings so you can start getting quotes from each vendor. It will also make budgeting easier since you’ll be able to compare each vendor.

Recognize Health Risks

Stress can lead to weight gain and other health problems, so it’s important to recognize when you’re stressing out with making wedding plans. Stress can also make your body lose pantothenic acid, which can cause high uric acid levels and put you at greater risk for gout. Think of taking supplements and medication if needed. Uric acid support supplements can help reduce the acid levels in your body when you’re too stressed already.

Let go of what isn’t important. There’s no need to over-stress about every little detail. Remember why it’s worth it and think back on why you are getting married; remind yourself that you need to be physically fit for the big day.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

It’s easy to get down on yourself when you look at your wedding Pinterest boards and compare your upcoming nuptials with friends. But comparing your happiness with someone else’s will never make you feel better about your situation. Focus on what’s important — you, not them. Comparing yourself to other brides-to-be will stress you more and put pressure, leading to a wedding day disaster.

Prioritize Which Details Matter Most

While you can’t control every detail of your wedding day, there are ways to tackle wedding planning so that you feel in control. First, prioritize which details matter most and figure out how to delegate those tasks. For example, if throwing a bridal shower is particularly important to you or part of your cultural tradition, it’s worth hiring a professional event planner to coordinate that special gathering.

Focus on what matters most to you and hire professionals who can handle less critical tasks like scheduling appointments, organizing RSVPs, choosing flowers or linens, baking cakes, writing thank-you notes, and so on. Hiring experts in those fields will not only relieve you of a ton of stress but also allow you more time with your wedding party.

Ask for Help if Needed

There’s no shame in admitting it if you’re stressed out and overwhelmed. When you feel like things are too much to handle on your own, look for ways that friends and family can help. It could be anything from asking someone to help clean up after a party to asking someone to be a bridesmaid or groomsman. Don’t worry about asking people who wouldn’t normally do something like that; they might surprise you by saying yes, or at least being open-minded about helping with certain tasks.

Planning a wedding is exciting, but it can also be stressful when things get too much. To reduce wedding plan stress and anxiety, start making decisions about these details as soon as possible so that you’re not left scrambling when it comes time to finalize your plans. And if all else fails, take deep breaths: big events are rarely perfect; they are beautiful nonetheless!

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