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It is vitally important that everybody recognises the need to maintain their oral hygiene and health to the highest possible standards, as we must never underestimate the effects that our oral health has upon other aspects of the body and mind of an individual.

It is very well understood that if someone is living with an untreated dental health issue it can cause them severe pain that may cause them to lose sleep, it can only take a few nights of lost sleep for someone to start feeling disorientated. For this reason alone it is best to try and avoid the development of dental health issues or have them treated as early as possible, at the very least.

By being registered with a dentist Dublin, and attending regularly for check-ups and to be able to receive any required treatment, a person greatly heightened their chances of steering clear of any serious dental or oral health issues.

Oral hygiene is not just about the teeth

All too often people forget that oral health is not only concerned with the teeth, but they are merely one aspect of what makes up the topic along with the gums, tongue, and mouth. The dentist may appear to be concerned with only a person’s teeth; however, they will always look at their patient’s oral health needs from a more holistic point of view.

By monitoring and treating all aspects of a patient’s oral health and hygiene needs it is possible to stop the development of common dental issues, such as plaque build-up, tooth decay, and gum disease all of which can create larger problems if left untreated, this may then lead to the need for a patient to require more invasive dental treatments.

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The patient must take action

It should be stressed to all potential patients that it is highly important for everyone who possibly can to register with a dental practice, followed by attending regular check-ups and to undergo any treatment that is recommended. By cooperating with the dental practice someone will be able to put themselves in the best possible position to be able to enjoy a high standard of oral health and hygiene, especially if they follow any advice they may be given from professionals involved in their case when visiting the practice.

The need to attend an initial appointment

The first appointment any patient has at a dental practice may well be the most important, as this appointment is designed to serve several purposes. First, it can be the point of introduction between the dentist and their new patient, allowing for the initial conversation to take place and the sharing of thought, suggestions and goals around the patient’s oral health needs to begin.

At this appointment, the teeth, gums, and other aspects of the mouth can be fully examined, and the findings can be correctly documented, this will help to form a baseline from which the patient’s oral health progress can be monitored against. Should there be a need for the patient to see other professionals, such as a hygienist, then a referral can be made by the professional conducting this examination, this will help speed up any referrals and help all involved in a patient’s treatment to work with consistent information.

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