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Sports injuries and accidents have become common across the different sports, making safety a major concern for sports individuals. Therefore, sports individuals get equipment and sports gear that guarantee safety. Essential safety gear among many sports like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu includes mouth guards. They are small, but their effectiveness while in the game is unmatched. Here are some of the issues that will help you understand mouth guards like those for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu:

Selecting a Mouth Guard

Protection and safety are the critical considerations when selecting a mouth guard. The following questions will help you make a choice:

Can you speak or breathe comfortably?

You ought to wear your mouth guard all day and carry on your daily tasks. The only way to test whether your mouth guard is comfortable is wearing a mouth guard for a day. Any difficulty in breathing or speaking means that the mouth guard is not the correct one for you.

What coverage does a mouth guard offer?

A mouth guard ought to end between the first two molars. It should also cover the large part of the teeth and the gum area. Whenever the mouth guard extends to the back of the mouth or covers a portion of your jaws, that means that it does not offer enough coverage.

A Mouth Guard Should Suit the Sport

Besides looking at the color of the mouth guard, functionality is essential for these devices. Answer the following questions to get a suitable guard for your sport:

Do you wear braces?

Individuals with dental appliances and those without have different needs when choosing mouth guards. A mouth guard should protect the teeth and the braces as well. That will call for custom-fit mouth guards.

gloves and mouthguardIs there any extra headgear?

Some sports require players to wear headgear for head protection. Individuals with headgear get special mouth guards that have straps. Some mouth guards are convertible to allow strapping before the game.

Replacing the Mouth Guard

Some of the signs that you should get another set of mouth guard include:

Irreparable flaws

Mouth guards are prone to cracks and structural problems. In such a case, it would be advisable to re-mold the mouth guard instead of reforming. The earlier you notice the flaws, the more accurate the remold will be.

Change in the shape of the mouth

Individuals in the process of receiving dental treatment often notice a change in the dental structures. Such changes will cause a mouth guard to be uncomfortable to the wearer. Once the dentist notices the change in the mouth, you should get a new mouth guard as well.

The mouth guard does not fit

The right mouth guard should fit your mouth in a secure and comfortable way. Some of the signs that your mouth guard does not fit you well include the urgent need to adjust the mouth guard. Also, you do not need to loosen the mouth guard for it to fit in your mouth.

Besides ensuring that a mouth guard is the right fit for you, mouth guards ought to meet certain safety industry regulations. The regulations will depend on the area you live in. Mouth guards ought to undergo impact tests by experts to ensure the safety of the users. Chemical tests also ensure that there are no residue chemicals from the manufacturing process.

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