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Dentistry is an essential subsector of the healthcare industry. It might be one of the youngest subsectors, but it brings billions of dollars in revenue every year. Moreover, it’s a subsector that everyone needs in their lives, and it’s the sector that they can comfortably visit and afford regardless of their lifestyle.

Because of this, the dental industry is one of the largest industries in the world. However, it is primarily dominated by different trends, some of which aren’t known to most people because of their size. In this article, we will be discussing specific trends that people aren’t aware of. These trends can quickly determine the future of dentistry forever.

Dental Insurance

Healthcare is one of the most desirable employee benefits worldwide. Many employees look for this kind of insurance, and many have stated that they are likely to apply for a company that offers health insurance. They are also more likely to stay in a company that provides it. However, despite health insurance being mandated by the government, only a few businesses offer dental insurance.

Dental treatments and operations are essential to employees’ dental health. For example, procedures such as dental implants are known to lessen periodontitis and other oral diseases by more than 70%, making them an essential operation. Unfortunately, however, many businesses aren’t willing for their employee’s dental treatments and procedures.

For many small businesses, dental insurance isn’t essential. However, for big companies that have over 500 employees, dental insurance is a must. In addition, there is a growing trend among small businesses to start offering dental insurance to become more competitive in the human resources market. Because of this, experts believe that the number of small companies that provide dental insurance will increase in the coming years.

Dentists and Investments

Dentists are prime investors. They are one of the higher-earning jobs in the US. They are estimated to have a median salary of $125,000, with some earning well beyond the paychecks of doctors in the country. Because of this, dentists are prime candidates for investments.

Many dentists are now investing in other businesses, stocks, and even gold. Banks are now also contacting them for future investment opportunities. It seems that in the coming future, dentists will be taking up many investing roles. Some dentists are even taking a degree in business so that they can fully leverage their investments.

Dentists are becoming businessmen, and many are welcoming this trend. Not many in the healthcare profession can make investments and work at the same time. This is making the dentistry profession a lot more attractive to many Americans.

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Empowering Female Dentists

Dentistry is a field that has received an increase of female professionals throughout the years. A couple of decades ago, the industry was filled with men. But now, women are starting to dominate the industry.

The increase of women in the dental industry is highly welcome. There are many things they can offer that many men dentists can’t. For example, women are warmer to clients and are likely to be more gentle with how they treat them. This can drastically decrease dental phobia among Americans. This decrease in dental phobia is something we need if we want to improve the current state of dental health in the country.

The empowerment of female dentists in the US is good for the industry. It can help with the manpower discrepancies that the sector is experiencing. Furthermore, it can also help push it towards a more gender-friendly sector.

3D printing

We all know that implants are expensive. Even the cheapest forms of implants and braces aren’t very affordable. However, as improvements in 3D printing become more available to the public, such dental accessories and operations are becoming cheaper.

Cheap is suitable for an expensive sector such as dentistry. People in the low socioeconomic bracket can barely afford a once-in-a-year visit to the dentist. How much more for dental operations? 3D printing makes it possible for everyone to afford dental accessories, hence, improving the overall state of dental health in the US.

Furthermore, orthodontists accept 3D printing as the technology needed by the industry in the future. It will make their jobs easier and make braces and implants better in quality.

These trends show that dentistry is becoming more affordable to the masses. Affordability means industry growth, and industry growth means a demand for more people in the workforce. Thankfully, the increasing amount of women in the sector can help balance it out. Overall, the dental industry is looking good and is prepared for anything.

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