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Finding the right dental practice for you can be a bit of a minefield, you need to feel comfortable knowing that the one you choose has the knowledge and experience that fits with your individual needs. Smilecraft, a dentist in Stevenage, is proud to offer a wide variety of services and has the ability to tailor packages of treatments to meet the needs of each client.

When it comes to settling on any final choice of a dentist there may be many key factors under consideration, these could include location, other people’s recommendation, costs and ease of access.

However, the main details you need to know is around the types of services they offer, knowing if your needs will be met is the best starting point that will lead to a well informed final decision.

Types of dental services expected

Look for a range of preventative service as a good starting point. These services are used to help promote good oral health in the client, there should be a variety of services offered and would normally be targeted at all age groups.

The main reason for these services being used is to prevent the need for the use of invasive dental procedures. Look for service that includes cleaning, breath freshening, smoking cessation and treating sensitive teeth when looking for preventative treatments.  These treatments may also require regular dental appointments, alongside educational or awareness elements that help to encourage good oral practices from the client.

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General Dentistry

Everyone must get a strong impression of competence and experience when trying to find a new dental practice. Knowing how long the practice has been established and the type of general dental services they provide are the strongest indicators to look for here.

Look for the types of oral surgeries they provide, finding they only offer extractions and fillings may be an indication of limited treatments. Whereas, finding the offer of dental prosthetics and implants alongside extractions and filling may lead to an increased feeling of confidence in this as a final selection.

Seeing that emergency dental care is also available would suggest ease of access to care when required, this is something many people consider as they want to know they can receive treatment quickly when needed.

Where pain-free dentistry (The Wand) is offered people may see this as a strong positive.  No one likes the idea of pain; they would much prefer the option of pain-free treatment when available.

Tooth whitening is one of the more common treatments to look for, as this may be seen as a minor procedure compared to others, but it is one of the fastest-growing treatments in dentistry. This is more than a cosmetic treatment, as there could be other reasons for someone accessing a tooth whitening treatment.

Whitening teeth and removing stains can often help to boost self-esteem. There are many clients who use these types of services to combat a lack of confidence in the mouth area of the face. Having whiter or less stained teeth may increase the ability to feel comfortable when smiling or eating.

If you feel encouraged to investigate preventive dental treatments, you should consult a dentist for expert advice.

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