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In recent years, clear evidence has come to light showing that there is still a large number of adults in the UK still living with misaligned teeth when there is no need. A lot of people seem to avoid looking after their dental health because they worry about how much time and work may be needed to fix any potential problems that they might have. Advances in medical and dental technology have led to innovations in treatment for common issues that are normally fairly easy to treat; this includes misaligned or crooked teeth.

Those who live with misaligned teeth know all too well that they have an uncomfortable life with this condition, as it can affect every aspect of the mouth’s functions. Oral hygiene issues and a sense of having a weakness in the bite are just some of the issues that sufferers report, and these can lead to more serious problems that may create the need for some more invasive treatments if left untreated.

Patients need to be made aware of the advances in dental technology that have led to the rethinking and reinventing of the braces, giving them the ability to offer patients clear braces in Sheffield. The hope is that those who may have rejected treatments of the past will now see there is a new way to engage with treatment.

A new way of thinking about braces

Clear braces are similar to metal braces that are most popularly known, as devices made from wire and metal. However, clear braces are much more discreet, which is why many teenagers and adults consider it an ideal alignment device that is easy to hide in plain sight while allowing the patient to receive the treatment they feel they need. Best of all, being made from clear materials means that they are less likely to stand out.

patient getting fitted with braces

Following an initial consultation, where the patient can speak with their dentist to get as much detail on their dental situation as possible, it will be time to decide on treatment. At the initial consultation, the dental professional will be able to fully examine your teeth, checking for any other issue with the teeth and gums that may need to be addressed before any alignment treatment being given. At this stage there should also be an indication of the length of time treatment will last, this will normally be between twelve and eighteen months depending on the complexity of the case.

For more details

If someone is trying to find out more about clear braces as a treatment, they should contact a fully qualified dental or orthodontic professional, as this will allow them to collect all the accurate details needed to make a fully informed decision about treatment. Every dental case is unique, and will need to be assessed by a fully qualified professional before any work towards getting clear braces can be done. It is important to never try and do any kind of alignment work on your teeth at home, as this could be dangerous and may lead to you needing further treatment. Always do your research and find out what the best solution may be for you!

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