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We love cooking just as much as the next kitchen fanatic, and while we most certainly love the opportunity to plan and prepare our next meal, it never hurts to see what the alternative looks like on the other side of the fence. As a result, we’ve been pondering the idea of eating healthy minus all the cooking and food preparation, whether it’s possible or a fleeting dream that just won’t ever come to life.

Of course, we also understand that it sounds very counterproductive to eat healthily but not have full control over what you’re putting in your body; it just seems like inserting unnecessary steps that can be easily avoided with a bit of time invested. However, we can’t forget that holistic health is multi-faceted by nature. Exploring fun ideas like this one today is a question we’re willing to explore to stretch the limits of what a healthy lifestyle can be.

Options Exist, But They’re Super Limited

Here’s the TL; DR. It’s very much possible to do, but your foodie options are super limited, and you might find it a lot more routine intensive than you’d initially expect. Unlike the freedom you can get by cooking and utilizing a full tray of spices and delicacies, all you’ve got to count on is layering and blending stuff. So, unless you’ve got what it takes to make a mean protein-packed yogurt bowl every single day, then you’ll need these next two skills.

#1 Master The Art Of Smoothie-Making

Smoothies aren’t for everybody, and some people don’t like mashing and blending all their fruits; however, if you want to live on a no-cooking yet relatively healthy diet, then mastering the art of smoothie-making is a must. It’s easily one of the best ways to reach your daily nutritional requirement, and because it’s lightweight and easy to carry around, you can always have one handy for when you’re working or doing chores around the house.

  • Broaden Your Liquid Base: Firstly, please don’t limit your liquid bases to water and milk alone; there’s so much you can use, from juices to different kinds of milk, to help switch out the flavor now and then. Sure, you could do relatively fine with just cold water and some ice, but the last thing you want to happen is getting tired from tasting the same thing over and over again. So, broaden your options by introducing different liquid bases.
  • Don’t Avoid Natural Sweeteners: Secondly, while we want to stay away from any forms of bad sugar to sweeten our smoothies, there’s nothing wrong with mixing natural sweeteners with your smoothie plans. A bit of honey never hurt anybody and can even make the drink a lot healthier too, plus there’s also a bit of avocado if you want something creamy.

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#2 Be Extremely Conscious With Food Orders

Likewise, while we did say cooking is off the table, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any full meals because ordering food to go is still a very viable option. The one drawback is that you’ll need to be extremely conscious with all of your food orders because you can’t be too sure about the nutritional content. And while nobody enjoys being around a super picky-eater, this type of lifestyle is the exception to the rule.

  • Double Check The Ingredients And Content: Firstly, you’ll want to get used to double-checking on the ingredients because this will be your only way of sizing up your current diet. And since not all your local restaurants will offer a complete list of the exact nutritional content, a careful eye will be necessary for keeping healthy. You see, the last thing you’d want to happen is to have too much of a bad thing or going overboard on your daily needs and ending up in an urgent care clinic.
  • Refrain From Snacking All The Time: Secondly, your vigilance should also extend to your snacking habits, and because you can’t control the amount of satiety you get without freshly cooked meals, we suggest you refrain from over-snacking. Always remember that moderation is key to anything in this world, and the same principle most certainly applies to managing your diet. So, please resist the urge to grab extra bites because your smoothie should be doing more than enough for you.

A Balanced Diet Can Be Achieved In Many Ways!

In conclusion, there’s plenty of ways you can achieve a balanced diet, and just because you don’t have the same luxury of cooking all your meals and preparing for an extensive amount of time doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy. Of course, we won’t deny cooking now and then is still the better option, and it’s also the perfect romantic gesture when everyone’s stuck at home, so mix and match both whenever you can!

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