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Invisalign uses revolutionary Clincheck software to ensure an exact fit when matching your aligner to your mouth. The technology measures the movement of each individual tooth and therefore applies the correct amount of force and pressure, so that they move in the correct time with one another. As people seek more desirable choices to correct the alignment of their teeth, options with less visible or invasive appearance have become more sought after. If you think of straightening teeth and braces, you may often visualise the image of a pimply teenager with a wide smile consisting of metal strips across their teeth. But the options are not so daunting these days. And this aligner treatment uses no wires or brackets, which has seen this modern approach to straightening teeth being used by over six million patients worldwide.

How to attain the best results?

When you take up the option of using these innovative aligners, it is important to maintain a consistency when wearing them to achieve the best results. It is recommended that the aligners should be worn at least twenty hours per day. Even so, during this period you can keep eating all of your favourite foods just as you normally would. You can even continue to play sports and do the activities you enjoy without worrying about the aligners coming loose or being affected. Because there is also no inconvenience of brackets there should also be fewer complications with your treatment.

When might you need to see an orthodontist about braces?

woman at the dental clinicAs your mouth evolves and face shape and jaw position changes with age, teeth can often become affected by this process. This is why it is mostly teenagers and young adults that seek orthodontic treatment for aligning teeth, as their face and oral cavity undergoes changes. But there can also be other various situations in which having a treatment for straightening teeth may be necessary. It may be that you have a crooked section of teeth, or possibly teeth that stick out, causing an irregular bite. In these cases, your speech and the ability to chew food can also be affected.

According to the NHS, there can be a host of other reasons that you may be required to visit an orthodontist, such as having an over or underbite, or irregular teeth gaps, which may also result in you needing to seek dental treatment.

Can my dentist recommend whether I need orthodontic treatment?

It is important to have regular health and dental check-ups in order to keep in good general oral health, but your dentist will also be able to recommend if you should seek out treatment for teeth alignment, depending on your particular preferences. They can help you make the best choice for your lifestyle and your overall smile goals.

Having a great smile is a real confidence booster, and a happy and healthy smile can be achieved by having straighter teeth. Having an appointment with your orthodontist may help you decide if treatment is the right step for you and your smile.

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