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Dental Implants Clapham is one of the most advanced procedures carried out in your standard dental clinic and it takes additional training beyond a normal dental degree and masters to be able to perform them. Understandably, anyone considering oral implants has a lot of questions, so here some of the frequently asked questions answered about implants.

What are oral implants?

The modern dental implant is a three-part device, consisting of a titanium peg with an oral prosthetic. Often, but not always, with an artificial tooth there is a semi-permanent locking connector that allows the implant to be fitted into the jaw and loaded with the prosthetic at a later date.

Does implantation hurt?

Implanting is a fairly invasive procedure; the gum is opened exposing the jaw bone, which may need to be drilled before the implant can be placed in the bone, after which the gum is closed and then sutured. This is done with the aid of local anaesthetics.

Should I get implants?

Implant compatibility is affected by your general health and several conditions would make you unsuitable for them. Some of these include osteoporosis or any disorder that inhibits bone growth as well as immunosuppressants and chemo/radiotherapy. But for a true assessment of if you should get implants, you would have to see a dentist.

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Will people notice I have had an implant?

The oral prosthetics are highly cosmetic and the vast majority of patients want their implants to seamlessly blend in with their natural teeth. This is achieved by measuring the shade and translucency of your natural teeth and fabricating a matching implant. Your implant may become more noticeable over time, as the stain-resistant materials could remain lighter than the rest of your teeth. But with good oral hygiene and regular scale and polish treatments, it is unlikely to be an issue.

What is it like having dental implants?

After osseointegration and the loading is completed the long-term commitment to your dental implants is almost identical to the rest of your teeth. This is one of the best things about this oral prosthetic. Apart from the regular brushing and check-ups every 6-months, it is easy to forget that you have even had one fitted.

Which teeth can be replaced?

Any, multiple and all! An individual implant can be used to replace any tooth in the mouth. There are methods for using implants to mount bridges but also to immobilise a whole set of dentures, fixing them in place and alleviating the rubbing and wobbling that causes soreness.

Am I’m too old for implants?

No, there is no upper age restriction on getting implants but you do need to have all of your adult teeth and be in good health.

Aren’t dental implants expensive? Can I get them on the NHS

Most clinics that offer implantation have payment plans or 0% interest credit options, but you should ask before pursuing any treatment and make sure the monthly repayment costs are manageable before continuing.

According to NHS guidelines, implants are considered cosmetic and so, standard bridges or dentures are a suitable treatment for missing teeth. Implants would only be covered if it was to rectify medical malpractice.

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