Babies and young children have delicate skin, predisposing them to various skin problems. Though it’s normal for babies to have rashes in the first few months, they can still develop unwanted skin problems. During this time, babies also adjust to different environmental factors, which are new to them after being born.

The skin rashes disappear on their own without needed treatment. But in some cases, skin rashes can develop into a more severe skin problem. Parents bring their babies to a skin doctor in places like Salem for consultation, and most doctors recommend the following tips:

1. Use Mild, Unscented Soap and Lotion

The rule of the thumb when taking care of your baby’s skin is to use gentle products such as mild lotions and soaps. Never use adult shampoos, soaps, or lotions on an infant’s skin since they can cause irritation or different reactions. Until the infant is one-year-old or the doctor allows these products, it’s best to use mild and unscented products that are formulated for infants.

Also, be wary of using products on your baby’s skin. Some products may contain toxic and irritating chemicals that can be harmful to the infant’s skin.

2. Don’t Overdo Bathing

As much as you want your baby to be clean and fresh, too much Bathing can dry up the skin. Dry skin is prone to various skin conditions, such as eczema or atopic dermatitis. In a week, you can bathe the baby about two to three times in warm water to stay clean. Remember that the water temperature should be enough for their sensitive skin. Bathing the baby every day can make their skin prone to dryness and predispose them to skin irritation.

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3. Prevent Diaper Rash

One of the most irritating and painful rashes is the one that develops in the bum part. Diaper rash can become infected since the area is always wet and soiled with urine and stool. If your baby has red skin around the diaper area, it can be due to having the diapers too tight, or that part was left wet for too long. You can prevent diaper rash if you change the diaper as soon as it’s damp and keep the area air dry as long as possible.

Also, there are many diaper rash creams available in the market. Make sure to use a brand that’s hypoallergenic and gentle to the baby’s skin.

4. Go Easy On Sunlight Exposure

It’s healthy for babies to be exposed to the sun for vitamin D, but this should not be for too long. Go easy on sunlight exposure to prevent irritated skin and sunburn. Babies can be exposed to the sun once they are six months old. But use sunscreen on the exposed parts of the skin. Apply the sunscreen lotion at least 30 minutes before going out. Aside from using sunscreen, make sure to dress the baby in loose clothing to prevent heat rash.

5. Always Moisturize

During infancy, the lotion is your best friend. If your baby has normal or dry skin, using a gentle cream is essential. The baby’s skin is susceptible to dryness, so you’d want to keep it as moisturized as possible. Remember, moisturizers do not add moisture to the skin. Instead, they prevent moisture in the skin from evaporating.

A baby’s skin is delicate. It’s important to take care of their skin to prevent skin conditions that can be irritating and painful.

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