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Here in Utah with our variety of outdoor sports, people can still fall short of getting good regular physical activity. Have you ever struggled to fit exercise into your busy schedule? Sometimes fatigue or lack of motivation can be counterproductive and lead to injury. When your routine leads to diminishing returns or has you heading straight to the chiropractor’s care in West Jordan for back pain, then maybe a change of activity is in order.

Without needing to waste valuable time leaving the suburbs, or having to coordinate with your gym buddies, here are some fun local workouts you can do on your own flexible schedule.


With one of the state’s most scenic 18-hole courses located right here in West Jordan, a game of golf is easily among the top options for you to get some exercise. If you’re a complete novice, don’t underestimate its health benefits; golf is a moderately intense physical activity which lets you quickly hit your goal for daily steps, while engaging your mind.

The green environment of a golf course also improves well-being, and Mountain View Golf Course tops that with beautiful views of the Wasatch Mountains. If you’ve got the free time, hit the course – or even better, schedule an informal business meeting here and boost your networking skills at the same time.


This activity might not be familiar to many people, which is a shame. Hapkido is a non-competitive Korean martial art which uses defensive principles to deflect attacks and subdue opponents. It’s learned throughout the world by security and law enforcement personnel as a practical self-defense discipline, and you can definitely benefit from such training.

The Gene Fullmer Recreation Center offers year-long classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, with the adult session running from 8-9 PM. Register at their website for this special opportunity to learn a vital survival skill.


Young man and woman jogging on country path, focus on legs

No matter where you are in Utah, there’s always a great trail nearby. Local parks offer an easily accessible route when you have limited time – the Jordan River Parkway is a local favorite. Nearby areas in Salt Lake City serve as the starting point for many trailheads which can offer a variety of difficulty levels, both in terms of loop length and elevation gain.

If you’ve got the time to adventure further afield, longer hiking trails outside the city are an option. With fewer crowds, you can better appreciate the outdoors and magnificent views. Camping is also an option in many areas. Remember to follow safety practices, bring enough food and water, and respect the environment and fellow users of the trail.


Regular swimming is a fantastic way to stay in shape. You’ll get a whole body workout plus intense cardio, while minimizing many common injuries – in fact, pool exercises are often recommended to athletes rehabbing injuries. People with various conditions, such as asthma or multiple sclerosis, also experience health improvements.

There’s no shortage of public and private pool facilities in the city, and several homeowners have found it worthwhile to install pools on their property. Look around for your options and take a dip whenever you have the time.

These are just four of the ways you can overcome inertia and get your weekly dose of physical activity right here in West Jordan. If you can organize some buddies for group sports or take short trips to new facilities, you can diversify your options and get more out of each activity.

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