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Losing one’s mobility due to old age can have a profound effect on a person’s social, psychological, as well as physical well-being. Seniors often rely on mobility equipment for the elderly to be able to move around from one point to another. However, you can help them feel less like a victim and somehow try to give them the independence that they used to have.

Encouraging them to get fit will have a positive effect on their well-being. Several elderly care establishments have regular activities each week. It gives them the right amount of physical activity.

Fortunately, there are ways to help them increase their mobility. For example, you can assist them with a few activities on your own. Here are a few ways to help them improve their mobility:

Start with a Few Simple Activities

If you’re thinking about embarking on a few exercises with your loved one, it’s best to encourage him or her to move around a little.
If you’re with them at home, try to get them involved in preparing a meal. You can also encourage them to dress up on their own and see if they can put on some garments independently. Every simple activity like walking from one room to another can help them get ready for a few simple physical exercises.

Help Them with Their Balance

One of the most vital things that you can do to help them move independently is to work on their balance. A lack of balance often leads to accidents, which is something that no one wants to happen. Experts suggest a few exercises that can help them gear towards better balance:

  • Side Leg Raises: Ask them to hold onto a firm surface and let them lift their legs sideways a little using their hip muscles. Let them do it alternatively so that both legs can have a little exercise.
  • Standing on One Foot: Another exercise that you can ask them to do is to stand on one foot. Although it might seem simple, doing so will help improve their balance. Still, ensure that you’re there to assist them in a safe environment. You can advise them to do it next to a wall or bed so that they’ll have the support that they need.
  • Back Leg Raises: You should let them do this exercise next to a steady surface to keep them safe. However, instead of lifting their legs sideways, they will lift it back while keeping their knees straight.

woman chopping up fruitsHave a Healthy Diet

Lastly, encourage them to eat healthily. People who don’t move around much often eat less, resulting in an inadequate intake of vitamins and minerals. You should also advise them to drink plenty of water. Having a high intake of fluid is best, especially after an increase in physical activity.

Helping your loved ones recover a part of their mobility can help them gain a bit of their independence. It’s best to have someone with them always to ensure their safety while they do a few physical activities. Always have their mobility scooters ready in case they need them.

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