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Stress and anxiety are inevitable parts of life. But if you let them control you, they can overburden your mind and take its toll on the body.

If left unchecked you may be at risk for an anxiety disorder, avoidance behaviors, and depression.

Stress doesn’t have to control your life. Here are some ways you can relieve stress and anxiety so that you can focus on living your best life.

1. Take a warm bath when feeling stressed

When you’re feeling stressed, take a warm bath to help release the tension. It’s proven that this helps with muscle aches and emotional overload as well.

The warm water will help relieve your tension and will feel amazing on sore muscles. This is an effective way to relax after being stressed about work or other aspects of life.

Warm water has been shown in studies as having calming effects because its steady temperature allows people who are feeling anxious enough time away from their worries while they enjoy how comforting this simple task is supposed to do nothing else but simply wallow around until finally feeling calm again.

To maximize the feeling of relaxation, take a bath with Epsom salts. Epsom is an acronym for Elemental Salts Of Sulfur And Magnesium, mixed with water, it can treat disorders of the muscles and nerves in people’s bodies.

Taking a bath with Epsom salt is now being recognized as a natural way to relax.

2. Get some exercise by walking outside or doing yoga

Recent studies show that getting some exercise can relieve stress and anxiety. This is because it helps to regulate your mood, sleep patterns, or appetite — all things which are crucial for mental well-being.

If you’re looking for something fun yet challenging, try tai chi exercises on video. If you love to sweat it out but you like the calm, yoga would be better for you. But going outside and walking around town would be good enough to decrease tension in your body and help prevent anxiety.

3. Pray or meditate

Many people have found that they can relieve stress and anxiety by taking time out of their day to pray or meditate.

For some people, it can be hard to stay still or not do anything at all. Some think that such a simple thing as meditation can’t relieve your mind off stress. But it does work in calming down your nerves and putting your mind at ease.

Just close your eyes for five minutes at a stretch and let all thoughts drift away with each breath you take.

If you prefer to pray, then do so by all means. Prayer has been shown time after time as an effective tool for reducing feelings of worry, fear, or concern. It’s also effective in promoting peace in one’s life and helps calm passions down, so they don’t manifest into destructive thoughts which may lead toward harmful actions.

4. Drink tea

A cup of tea can be helpful for relieving stress and anxiety. There are many types of teas, including those with honey or peppermint leaves in them. These ingredients have been shown to reduce feelings related to worry as well as promote relaxation without drowsiness.

It also has polyphenols which work as antioxidants that protect against damage caused by free radicals inside our bodies while also helping with mental clarity during difficult times or if you’re just feeling tired all day long.

5. Turn off all electronics for an hour

If you’re feeling stressed and anxious, the best thing to do is turn off all electronics for an hour each day. This includes TV sets or computers as well phones. If that’s not enough then make sure you also get some time outside in nature because it has been shown that spending time outside, in nature, has a surprising effect on mental health.

6. Write 5 things you’re thankful for

It’s not easy to face the day-to-day with a smile on our faces. We spend so much time focusing on all of life’s hardships and stressors that we forget what makes us happy.

One way you can help combat this problem is by taking some deep breaths before going into work, or even during your lunch break if possible, and then write down things that you’re thankful for. Just make sure there aren’t any distractions around so that you can concentrate on those positive things.

You can also do this every night before bedtime and let that gratitude fill your thoughts throughout morning routines like brushing teeth or getting dressed — you’ll find yourself feeling more relaxed already.

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